It controls the tides and the vibes. But what else is the moon even about? 

It’s a destination, the most immediate one outside of earth to be precise. It’s where emerging talent Amaria wants to go in her gorgeous new single titled, you guessed it, “Moon”.

In these psychotically hectic times, “Moon” is a calming auditory oasis. Produced by TeeWaTT and best heard via headphones, the lunar-inspired track is a wonderful bit of lo-fi that feels like it could double as a healing sound bath. You might also call it chillwave if you’re the enlightened type who doesn’t view the term as a pejorative. It’s an infectious and soothing song you didn’t know you need so badly.

The not-yet 20-year-old has a similar vibe to Kwame Liv, with a more of a minimalistic, DIY approach. Like Rhye if they’d listened to Sly and the Family Stone once. Her vocals also call to mind a tranquil and understated Valerie June.

Thankfully we’ve also got a lyric video for “Moon” featuring Amaria driving in the back of a pickup through mostly deserted streets. She edited it all herself and it’s so peaceful and idyllic that you can watch and for a brief moment escape. Getting lost in this song doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten about the burning world. It’s just a quick jaunt to the moon to refresh yourself.



Amaria is originally from Tampa, but according to “Moon” she’s in California. Maybe she’s visiting. Or perhaps she’s speaking figuratively. As earlier prophets have noted, California is a state of mind as well as a physical place.

She’s signed to Fashionably Early and a proper EP or LP is sure to drop at some point this year. Right? Until then we can wait and enjoy the sparse but excellent offerings she’s given us thus far.

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