April 1st Pranks: Nosaj Thing / Glitch Mob


It was April fools day yesterday and thus, we here at the LA Music Blog, BitCandy found 3 exceptionally awesome audio "pranks" from a few of our favorite artists who also have turned out to be also very competent jokesters.  Here are 3 audio tracks from Nosaj Thing, Glitch Mob and Clockwork that were posted yesterday in celebration of Mr. T, Paris Hilton and Snooky aka "Fools" and subsequently uncovered in our daily blog scouring.



First of all the Glitch Mob revealed the preview of their most amazing new album.  (So rad if you like electro polka).


Glitch Mob Album Preview




Next up, Nosaj Thing uploaded his new remix to John Cage's 4'33".  You might really need to turn your speakers up for this.  (HINT: John Cage's original piece was 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence).  That's right much like the new Madonna album...there's "nothing there." 


John Cage - 4'33"(Nosaj Thing Remix)




Lastly you just GOTTA check this banging remix from Clockwork to the latest Swedish House Mafia tune "Greyhound."  The most amazing drop is at 1:05.  Can you say Rick Roll'd?!  Yes you can, sucka!



Greyhound (Clockwork Remix)- Swedish House Mafia


OK so what were the best April 1st Audio Pranks / Posts you Heard? Or Pranks in general?  


Please share below!

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