If aberrant strangeness isn’t something you’re interested in hearing with your bubble-gum pop inspired, yet industrial-influenced dance music, well then maybe now is the time to click away. 

For those of you already hip to the weird, there are likely no two acts more forward-thinking in experimental dance music than Venezuela’s Arca and Scotland’s SOPHIE. Finally, we’re seeing the day where two of our very favorite artists have come together to form something all the more challenging in the process. Although “La Chíqui” is not for the faint of heart, we are here for it.

This one goes out to all of you who haven’t listened to music from either of these producers yet. Ooh boy this is a wild one. Here is a collaboration between two artists who most definitely deserve your undivided attention. “La Chíqui” is a crash course on the ethereal beauty, glitchy pop highlights, and droningly abrasive techno that both these artists are capable of.



Is this the finest moment of either of their oeuvre? No, but it is what we would have hoped for from them. With Arca and SOPHIE working together, we’re seeing the first collaboration between majorly significant trans women producers. With that in mind, we’re far more interested in seeing what they conjure up in the studio together than a more palatable tune (as they both are clearly capable). It doesn’t matter if this is particularly danceable (I wouldn’t even know how to mix this tune in if I were DJing) at 169 beats per minute, with its kick-you-in-the-teeth energy, because this is what these two felt the need to say together.

If this is your first time and you’re interested in hearing more, oh the places you’ll go. For Arca, why don’t you start by listening to her new album, KiCK i, in its entirety. Played in order, “La Chíqui” stands out as a cathartic release of stress, anger and the complicated emotions swirling around inside all of us. It fits best in sequencing after collaborations with Bjork, Shygirl and ROSALÍA. For SOPHIE, check out “Infatuation,” “Immaterial,” and “Bipp.”  May this be the start of a long career of collabs between the two leading ladies of experimental electronic music. 

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