Ari's Mixtapes - Interview!


Whether you are an unsigned hip-hop artist trying to make it big, or a champagne room baller trying to make their next album platinum again, there’s no better way of gaining both popularity and street cred than by releasing a good mixtape. is a mixtapes service website that currently happens to be the #1 mixtapes website in the United States. It’s not just the smart business savvy and great customer service that makes their mixtapes sell like hotcakes, but also the fact that it is managed by a group of hardcore fans who live and breathe the hip-hop music and lifestyle. stocks only the official and newest hip-hop mixtapes from the hottest DJ’s and artists in its unrivaled collection, which also happens to be the biggest mixtapes collection on the planet. To find out more behind its success, we got in touch with Ari Allon, owner of the website/the RZA of the mixtapes business Wu-Tang Clan.

1) Looking at your website, it’s obvious you are the King of Mixtapes.  Who do you think is set and positioned to be "the next" important major rapper / producer?

I would say definitely Meek Mill. He came from Philly as a relative unknown to the rest of the country. He signed a deal with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group label and then just threw himself into the work. He has been getting bigger and bigger these past few months. He really has a unique style and his realness shines through on his lyrics. I see him just blowing up in 2013. Also I see really big things for Big K.R.I.T. as well.

2) Any trends you are seeing emerging big in the urban / hip hop world for 2013?

I definitely see a return to the "real." I have not been happy with the current skinny jeans/ringtones/snapback turn that hip-hop has taken, and lately many street rappers are really bringing back that raw rap. Everyone from Meek Mill and Rick Ross to Vinnie Paz and Waka Flocka. I also see a lot of R&B mixtapes into the hip-hop, a la Drake, and it's good to see the two worlds combine so flawlessly.

3) You've got tons of mixtapes on your site, which is great. Where should I start for my first three mixtapes that you think are the best of the year?

I would say Rick Ross "Rich Forever," Meek Mill "Dreamchasers 2" and Gucci Mane "I'm Up." It's really hard to narrow it down, as there are SO many great artists putting out great material all year round. 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Drake, Waka Flocka, Young Jeezy and T.I. have also all had great releases this year.

4) And who should be a household name that maybe hasn't gotten their break yet or it just didn't happen?

Saigon is really good and he hasn't blown up like he should. Also Nipsey Hussle from the West Coast and Z-Ro from the South. These are just guys that really put their work in and never quite get the attention they deserve. I feel that way about D-Block, too. Jadakiss, Styles and Sheek (while they have gotten some commercial success) are easily in the top 10 rappers in the game, and yet they never really see any huge commercial success. These guys learned from Notorious BIG, they are just skilled beyond belief.

5) Is there a way people can submit their mix tape to you?

We do not take mixtape submissions. We work with a large number of established DJ's to bring our customers the absolute best in the business. We try to get DJ's and artists from everywhere, including the West and the East as well as the South.

6) What makes your site really stand out among the others?

We really pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We work really hard to answer emails and get orders shipped out fast, even on weekends and holidays. I had a phone call last Christmas Eve with a customer who couldn't believe we answered the phone at that time. We appreciate their business and we really do our best to keep them happy and not waiting.

Unlike plenty of other retailers who sell copied or bootlegged mixtapes, is a registered business which solely distributes official high-quality mixtapes with authentic artwork, all purchased directly from the DJs and/or labels. Ari’s Mixtapes strives to take customer service experience to the next level by aiming for a 100% satisfaction rate on all purchases made and any kind of query answered within 24 hours.

A mixtape digs a lot deeper into the talent of a hip-hop artist than a studio-produced album can. It gives you access to numerous collaborations, remixes, and freestyle sessions you would never hear of otherwise and allows an artist to take their talent to the next level. This is where brilliantly fills the gap for true hip-hop aficionados by being your one-stop destination to the latest and newest hip hop mixtapes.


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