Roy Orbison said it best when he sang, “crying, crying, crying, yeah crying, crying, over you,” because I am without a doubt shedding tears (of joy) for Ashnikko right now. This is the apex moment of any young artist’s level up where we’re able to watch them rise from underground icon to working with literal idols of the genre.

Who’s to say what kind of direct influence Grimes (with her years as the empress of anti-artpop) has had over the blue bubblegum witch goth vibe of Ashnikko? Can’t say for sure.

First and foremost their music doesn’t sound remotely alike. With Ashnikko’s anger of youth, playful grit and grime hip hop sound and Grimes’ angelic crooning that belongs not of this world (or even universe), I would say they are almost the diametric opposite. That aside, their voices certainly do lend to raising each other up on “Cry,” a match made in different lands that excels to a whole new realm upon coming together. This is music magic in the making.



I’d certainly be speaking in conjecture if I offered the notion that for a 16 year old Ashnikko (quite formative years) to watch Grimes explode with Visions was--to say the least--a full on mood. The stardom of someone so clearly strange likely helped usher in feeling for the weird girls of the world to feel like it was okay to be weird. The patron saint to girls who wanted to dye their hair and wear strange fits and not have other people look down on them for it. The question remains: without Grimes, would we even have an Ashnikko?

If I’m asking this question, you know she must have been as well (If not during the making of this song at least at some point in her life). I don’t know how music production works in 2020. Did Ashnikko get Grimes in the studio and actually watch her put this spacey verse together? Or did the producer have Grimes email them an audio file and assemble it all together in the final version of the track? Either way, hearing Grimes on YOUR single must really be one of those ‘look ma, I made it’ moments.  I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely have a happy cry over it. 

“Cry” is the second single off of Ashnikko’s upcoming A4* EP.  It rules.

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