After a year of successful singles and remixes, rising artist Au/Ra has blessed us with “Ideas.” Jamie Lou Stenzel (Au/Ra) was born in Ibiza to a musical family. Her father, Torsten Stenzel, is a producer, composer, and songwriter within the trance genre. Her family later relocated to Antigua, where she first started posting covers to YouTube. Since then, Au/Ra has garnered a number one feature with Alan Walker and has been solidifying her signature alternative electro-pop sound. She often writes about emotional experiences and has expressed that her age gives her a fresh perspective on life. Her artist name, Au/Ra is a combination of two periodic elements, gold and radium.



With synths, clean vocals, and concise lyrics, Au/Ra lets us into her thoughts on “Ideas.” You know how we all have that one friend who builds things up in their head and always ends up getting let down? Are you that friend? Well, “Ideas” is just what you need to help battle that disappointment. The song is about managing unrealistic expectations. At just 17, Au/Ra has figured out this behavior pattern, articulated it metaphorically, and has even created something you can dance to!

“Ideas” begins with reverb drenched synths and Au/Ra’s vocals that have a depth reminiscent of Billie Eilish. In the pre-chorus, she sings “Bite your tongue / Don’t you know how wild these thoughts will run” over an arrangement that builds up to the pulsing, danceable chorus. She clearly warns: “Don’t put ideas in my head.”

Au/Ra’s songs are often accompanied by high quality videos. Due to coronavirus, however, a video shoot is not currently possible. Fear not- Au/Ra has asked fans for their help on social media! We Are: The Guard is excited to see what *ideas* the song inspires.


Arielle Tindel is a Berklee College of Music student from Cleveland, OH. She will graduate in December with degrees in Music Business Marketing and Songwriting. In her free time, Arielle can be found gardening or playing bass.