BAUM is definitely fucking around. Certifiable. Clear about it. Owning some sense of honor for all of the fuckboys of the world, but also the prerogative to be one for herself. There isn’t any shame in relationships just for the sex. This comes off as a point of pride. A one night stand to stand up for yourself. Nah, no way. Not with BAUM’s blaringly prideful cadence on full display, singing out this message to anybody who’s down to listen to a new kind of perspective on sex in 2020. The Los Angeles based alterna-pop singer takes some of the power back into the hands of the horny with her newest single “Fuckboy,” out now via We Are: The Guard.

The hint of sadness in her lyrics is stripped away via dullboy’s hyper-pop tune-up remix. We’re excited about this release because it’s got all of BAUM’s original power, but also ramps the track all the way up into a dance party ready anthem for zoomer love affairs and nights out getting down and dirty despite no one being allowed to leave their house (but honestly who’s listening to that on these hot summer nights?). When in reality, who cares what anyone else has got to say, if you’re the one having fun.

Sure, there are definitely some games being played between the sheets, but dullboy has definitely turned “fuckboy” into the kind of relationship you can even take home to the parents. 



Sure, maybe y’all ain’t official. No labels of yesteryear, and you’re not even exclusive because -- what’s monogamy? -- but dullboy has got enough style to pass as the real thing. The whole package. A perfect gentleman or lady, “Fuckboy” now has a bit of class, dressed up and with a smile that can coax any needling parents into believing they are the real deal.

This is just the trick y’all have set up, playing the couple game to get those who think they know best off your back.  Sure, maybe this is the start of a meet-cute and by the end of the movie that is this song BAUM and the fuckboys that she fuckboys will end up together, happily ever after, but I don’t think it matters much to anybody if it doesn’t work out like that. 

At least the song bangs. Getting a little extra from getting a little extra.

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