Unless you live under a rock (Haha get it? Wait- do snails even live under rocks?), you’re probably familiar with the whimsical, relatable, pop music of New Zealand-native, BENEE. From hit “Supalonely,” to Kenny Beats collab “Night Garden,” she’s got range and an established, unique sound. “Supalonely” created the perfect, danceable storm and knocked it out of the park on TikTok. After being used in over 11.5 million videos, “Supalonely” took BENEE from an emerging artist to an international star. Choreographed by user @zoifishh, TikTok stars including Charlie D’amelio and Addison Rae have featured the song in multiple videos, racking up millions upon millions of likes.

BENEE returns with quarantine jam, “Snail.” Unlike the US, New Zealand has been keeping COVID-19 pretty under control, so lockdown is a past-tense thing for her (lucky). In a press release statement, she expressed her interest in the shelled little creatures. “When we were in lockdown, I was fascinated by snails. There wasn’t really a lot to be doing, so I would spend a lot of time outside looking at snails and would think about how they’re doing their own little thing and they’re all free. I just played around with the idea of being kind of like a snail and how I come out in the rain. Being stuck inside because of COVID, it’s kind of my lockdown song.”



“Snail” is upbeat, fun, and lighthearted. With a chorus that you can easily chant along to, and a danceable feel, the matter of fact lyrics and her vocals shine. BENEE released a lyric video as well that really encapsulates the exciting, wholesome nature of the song. She has a debut album set to release some time soon, and we could not be more excited! We could all use a lockdown pick-me-up right about now, and thanks to BENEE it has arrived.

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Arielle Tindel is from Cleveland, Ohio. She recently graduated from Berklee College of Music with degrees in Music Business Marketing and Songwriting. In her free time, Arielle can be found gardening or playing bass.