Brand new artist On Planets (aka Sean Wharton) just released his debut single, “Cure,” and it’s our first taste of his upcoming EP, Personal Space, which will be out on Majestic Casual Records. The Vancouver-based producer is quickly stirring up some well-deserved buzz with this celestial sounding track, and it’s sure to hook you onto his intriguingly fresh sound.

Things kicks off with spacey atmospherics before getting hit with a shimmering sonic blast of fuzzy, spaced-out synths and twinkling electronics. A soft electronic beat kicks in along with his calm, talk-singing vocals, as ethereal atmospherics swirl along in the background until breaking into a frenzy just after 1 minute in. “Would you be my cure?” he croons over chopped up, brash electronics and wonky synths that create a wonderfully wacky yet soothing soundscape. My favorite moment is about half way through the track when things get light, airy, and simply gorgeous with his soothing vocals and sparkling instrumentals. After the climax hits at the 3:30 mark, you enter “cool down” mode where you’re quickly lead to the track’s soft and calming ending.

On Planets himself had this to say about the track on his SoundCloud page: “Cure is kind of about a lot of things, but mainly about feeling conflicted and polarized/caught in between opposing sides. The song is about trying to find the convoluted and limp middle ground when each polar extreme is so straightforward and simple.”



At times it’s a little reminiscent of early M83, but with a more lo-fi, playful feel that you’ll have to check out to understand. We can’t wait for Personal Space to drop!


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