Best Alternative Pop Music | Week 23 2013


Welcome to Wednesday's PopSmut, which caps a list full of shameless indie pop tunes from around the web and curator submissions, mouth watering mashups, artists we’d like to booty grind with, and the occasional gossip. Around here, we have strong opinions, but never judge. SIKE! Who am kidding!? Of course we judge Yeezus! Speaking of Kanye, he’s recruiting Scott the douchebag Disick for his new music video? WTF?! F.Y.I.Kanye that ain’t gonna cut your child support bill down. #Lame

Anyways, let’s get back to giving a fuck about shit. Turn it up ladies and brahs, time to get in tune with our dark and dirty side.


Lorde - Tennis Court

This is the kind of pop that makes me cringe with delight. If you could get past the fact that this chick is ONLY 16, then you're sure to enjoy her latest single and potentially join her at the tennis court for some less than boring action. Her voice demands your attention.


Hood Internet - Javelin x The Hood Internet feat. Alex Wiley - G-Unit Spinner Chain

If you follow this site, then you know that we are huge fans of the The Hood Internet. Our standards are high and we expect greatness. This latest collboration is the hottest threesom I’ve heard in a long ass time.


Mausi - Losing You // Say My Name

First of all, THANK YOU to the curator who turned us on to the electro-pop quartet from Europe. So much awesomeness going on here. Mind has been blown. They took the songs from the weightlifting diva and her shadow and turned it into a dreamy dance track for hipsters.


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Prides - Out Of The Blue

There must be something in the waters of Glasgow. Another great band has emerged from the quiet little town and they have a big sound. It’s pure synth pop perfection without the guilt.


Coco Morier - Explosions (Chuck Wild Remix)

Listen, no good PopSmut post would be complete without a bit of disco. So I suggest y’all grab your inflatable doll and bootay bump each other to this deliciousness.


FMLYBND - Electricity (Curator Pavit)

Their band name makes you assume the exact opposite of what they actually sound like. Go ahead make your assumptions before clicking play on the track, then tell me if I was right. Curator Pavit knows exactly what tickles our pickle. This captures the spirit of a true Californian, at least in my case it does.


KOKO LAROO - The Weekend

It’s time I acknowledge Koko because a) she’s got a cute name b) she pretty much wrote a song about me and it’s catchy (Thanks Koko! xoxo) and c) Ke$ha has bored me. Anyone else here feel the same way I do?


Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted

Normally we would put in our Best Indie Songs section but because Trent is now on Columbia (a major) it makes more sense to put in our PopKiller section. Love Trent...but has he been making the same song for the last 10 years now? 


Tuxedo - Do It

Ugh, this makes me wish it were Friday soo bad. So funky, so fresh, so fly, this ain’t stanky shit like ‘Suit & Tie,’ or Daft Puke. Rumor is that Meyer Hawthorne is behind this project.


Capital Cities - Farrah Fawcett Hair ft. André 3000 and narrated by Frank Tavares (of NPR) - (Curator Pavit)

Since we’re on a retro funk kick, allow me to introduce to you some good shit. From what I understand this song is not meant to have any other meaning than just a feel good track. Let go of stress, close your eyes and sway your hips to Nutella. Capital Cities’ latest album, Tidal Wave of Mystery, is out now via Capitol/Universal Records.


J.Cole - Crooked Smile feat. TLC

We’re closing PopSmut with my latest arsehole fixation. You know what I like the most about J.Cole? No it’s not the beautiful message. No, it’s not the stellar collaboration with TLC. It’s that the dude is diverse. He can drop verses, sound like the world's biggest ass when he sings about faggots, and makes me kinda believe he’s kinda perhaps not a prima donna. He’s the perfect trifecta?


Well kids, that’s all the goodies for now. If you got any good recommendations, drop them in the comments below and become a curator. Hate to leave ya but I gotta go place my bet on when the ‘Omen’ child will be birthed (Kim+Kanye baby)*Derp* See ya all next week on our best alternative pop post.