10 Top Alternative Pop Songs (Week 35) 2013


The never ending music filtering tension between shitty music and alternative pop tracks worthy of your listening has reached a fever pitch this week when we scoured the internets only to find a big ol’ pile of brown raunchy Miley poop. Such tragedy! But don’t change the channel just yet. We’ve managed to pull a couple of strings off and found some guiltless and tasty pop treats for you all. So sit back and turn it up as you crawl through this week’s PopSmut.


Michael Jackson - Rock With You (Baptiste Remix)

Easing you into our smutty world is a refreshing remix by French producer Baptiste. It’s the kind of track that will rid you of all or any queezyness caused by an uncomfortable day of booze binging. A Bapstiste EP will be out soon; until then enjoy the free download.


The Weeknd f. Drake "Live For"


The wait is almost over people. On September 10th, The Weeknd will release his sophomore album Kiss Land which will include this piece of R n B bliss.


Krewella - “We Go Down”

Join Krewella and Miley Cyrus for the 2013 Deep South Twerk Tour. Kidding. We need more DJs twerking. Don’t you want to see Avicii’s butt crack? Sort of kidding, I’d like to get me a piece of that white hot ginge. Anyways, Krewella’s new album, Get Wet, is out September 24th.


Sam Smith - Nirvana

Gaining exposure from collaborating with Disclosure on the amazeball single ‘Latch,’ Sam Smith is back with a dreamier new ballad. Debut EP Nirvana is out October 7th.


Dead Pop Stars Society - XXXtra Juicy

Dead Pop Stars Society - No membership for you, Justin Bieber...yet. This begs the question… would Notorious B.I.G. be doing rhymes for Avicii if he was still alive?


My Party feat. Zebra Katz

Trust me - the new Icona Pop album is the alternative pop album of the year. Not saying that this track is going to blow your mind but we’ve heard the album and it’s chock full of guilty and non guilt pop pleazures.


Colette - When the Music’s Loud

Calling all die hard fans of house music, I know, I know, technically this would be under our EDM post, but this right here is just soo good we had to include it here.The new Colette album, When The Music’s Loud, was just released this week.


Eminem - Berzerk

Guess who’s back, back again. Shady’s back tell a friend hehe. Yup he’s back with a  track that will bring back nostalgia of the 80s and 90s and in true Marshall Mathers form, Bezerk is packed with blows directed at people we love to hate. 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2' will be released on Nov. 5th, wahoo!



We fell in love with Banks and brought you her single ‘Waiting Game’ back in week 33 of our Top Indie picks. Today, we give you the newly released official video for the track we are crushing on. Are you loving it as much as we are?


MON MONTIS - SWEPT (Curator Duffster)


Our curator Duffster helped find this fresh Swedish act. This is dream-p at it’s best. We are like really really diggin this, we’ll wait and see if other people catch on to this interesting trio. Get in early as they only have 500ish videos.

And before saying goodbye we must leave you with Hand and Marie Reardon (from Breaking Bad's) reaction to the Miley Cyrus circle jerk.  


Alright folks, that’s all we have for you this week. We’ll be back with more pop sweetness next Wednesday. Until then, stick your tongue back in yo mouth and pay us a visit at our BitCandy FREE Online Radio.

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