Best Alternative Pop | Week 36 (10 Picks) 2013


For some of us it’s another Wednesday masquerading as a Friday (smashing alarm clock on wall), so if you’re feeling like me and want to crawl back into the comfort of your bed and hide underneath your covers until Friday’s happy hour at Red Lobster, I suggest you tune y’er earz into this week’s Best of PopSmut. The alternative pop treats that we filtered through for you should give you a contact high as well as hold you over until the weekend. So grab y’erself a bottle of Ready Whip and turn up the volume for the following tracks:


Imagine Dragons "On Top Of The World"

Here’s what looks like the next single from Imagine Dragons. I have to admit…”Radioactive” is a pretty fucking great cool pop song. What’s even more great is that Imagine Dragons can live in ambiguity as no one would know if they walked by them on the street. you know what these guys look like? I’ll bet you a hamburger on Thursday you don’t. 


MS MR - Think Of You (RAC Mix)

What I’ve learned from the man behind the solo project RAC is that he never sleeps. When he’s not busy working on his debut EP, he’s out creating eargasmic arrangements like the one above. Make sure to grab y’er free download.


Travie McCoy: Dr. Feel Good ft. Cee Lo Green

Woah, don’t trip there son. Ya, I know this jam right here is kickin it old school, but it’s one of those days where I feel like mixing it up. Taken from McCoy’s 2010 album Lazarus, “Dr. Feel Good” is the dose needed to get ur arse out of bed.


HAERTS - All The Days (Joywave Remix)

I really can’t wait until HAERTS EP is released later this month. Until then we’ve found a remix by Joywave that we’re sure you’ll love. Let’s just say this remix makes Lana Del Yawn-a’s ‘Summer Time’ remix seem like retirement home music.


Duran Duran - Rio

Ahh just something to clean the palette before we get to Earl Sweatshirt.  Duran of my all time favorites.  This video takes you back not just to the 80s, but when great songs and video art / high concept videos just made everything more amazing.   And don’t forget the best alliteration in pop music in the lyric “and when she shines she really shows you all she can.”


Earl Sweatshirt - Wakeupfaggot

Oh that Earl, so eloquent with his words. Shit, if somebody were to  disturb my 11 hour beautyrest I’d react the same way...well kinda, my lip would have been busted if I did. But let’s continue on with the story and find out what happened to Earl after he cussed out his momma.


Earl Sweatshirt - Luper

File this track under: N.H.S.(nasty hot shit) At age 16 Earl was already a raging bull and spitting out fire balls. If you didn’t pay close attention the first time you heard ‘Luper’ I suggest you do, it’s effing crazy.Am I wrong because I root for a guy who raps about rape and murder? Speaking of Earl, have you listened to his new album Doris?


Missy - I'm Really Hot (Jake Bullit Remix)

Okay first of all, this brings back memories of the time my white ass wore cornrows, it was the cool thing back then aight geez. Secondly, who the freak is Jake Bullit and why are they making me want to twerk? Thank you to the four-some from the UK for reviving a Missy Elliot favorite.


STILL PARADE - HEALTH (Curator Duffster)

Roger that, 10-4. Just got confirmation that Still Parade is the next hot thing in music. We originally introduced you to Still Parade back in week 27 of our indie post. Today, we share with you the ethereal follow-up to their single “Actor.” A huge thanks to our curator Duffter for being on top of things.


Hope I spiced up your day with our selected pop tracks. Now G.T.F. outta bed! If you have any complaints or suggestions for this post let us know below, we’d luv to include you and your comments next week.