Best Alternative Pop (10 Songs) Week 37 2012



Hi it’s Walter White here and when I’m not cooking up meth I’m hanging out on BitCandy discovering the best new indie, electro and alternative pop.  Speaking of which I have my friend here who’s a listener too...Jesse?...JeZZE?!....JESSZZEE!!!  WHERE ARE YOU?  Oh wait, I got carried away with this recurring script line I seem to holler every week.  Anyway...while I am indeed...the utmost best, pinnacle of a chemist, schemer, poisoner and pizza-thrower-on-the-roof out one...I mean no one can top BitCandy...not even my formula when it comes to picking and filtering “just the best” for your ears.  

So here’s the best alternative pop songs (minus the precious teen pop tarts) of the week.  

Now where did I put that methylamine and aluminum amalgam?  

Rihanna ft. A$AP Rocky - Cockiness (I Love It) Remix

Rihanna keeps getting dirtier and my alter ego, Heisenberg, loves it.  Sample lyrics: “Lick my persuasion.” Wonder what she means by that.  Throw some A$AP on the track?  Sold.  It’s almost as gold as my meth.


PSY - Gangnam Style

Even the South Koreans need a little of the “blue.”  And Holy Shit this song is the #2 most added song at U.S. commercial pop radio.  We tipped the song over a month ago in our Best of Videos column here


Kanye West, Big Sean & Jay-Z - Clique

This is the kind of shit I used to bump in my lime green Pontiac Aztek.  Bangin!


Noosa - Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD!|

No Noosa is not a chemical compound.  It's an indie pop band from Brooklyn.   


Imagine Dragons - Fallen

In this ex High School Chemistry teacher’s opinion...One of the best songs on the new Imagine Dragons album (soz Imagine Dragons..there weren’t too many others).


Pretty Boy Swag Remix (BadBadNotGood Remix)

Oh this shit is blowing up my speakers so much it reminds me of that little job I pulled on Gus in that old folks home.  


Muse - Madness

After 1 minute this becomes one of the most boring videos out of all 2012 but still worth posting...mostly because i like the song...and sophisticated inteliigent mayhem.  


Carly Rae Jespsen - This Kiss

Oh yeah, the new single from Carly Rae Jepsen.   I shouldn’t tell you this secret...but the Carly Rae Jepsen global tour is one of our top 3 distributors of my blue meth.  Kids love it!   Cowritten by Redfoo from LMFAO (who is anti drugs and doesn’t use my product)


Glenn Fry “Smugglers Blues”

What would a PopKiller post be without a classic pop song.  Now you kiddies in my old chemistry classroom probably think this is a real oldie...but it’s a real goodie....and hey...this is the song I’m singing in my head most of the time in the lab.


And hey if you don’t watch “Breaking Bad” none of these reference made any fucking sense.  So then bookmark this post and go watch all 5 seasons and come back to this page.  You’ll be happy you did.  

2 words...POLLOS....Bitch!!


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