Best Chill Out Music - Week 34 2013


BitCandy is chillin' in their camos, flippin' through the channels, kind of like 2 Chainz before he got arrested and shit, over at Best Chill Out Music - Week 34! Thank you to Curators Francis, Duffster, and our latest team player, Ruckus, for helping us out with this week's picks from Mountain Range,  Active Child, Fort Romeau, and many more. If you would like to be a Curator, then click over here!


Jungle “Platoon” (Curator Francis)

British duo, Jungle, unleash their debut single onto the world in motherfucking style. This is frankly unbeatable. You should just pack up and go home. Only kidding but, really. This track, this kid, this.


Active Child “She Cut Me Out”

Active Child is preparing to release a new EP, Rapor, and here is the first cut to be unveiled. Fans of Pat Grossi's voice may be disappointed to hear an “instrumental,” but what an evocative one at that?


Blondes “Pleasure”

Kaleidoscopic geometrics mutate to Blondes' “Pleasure,” which the Brooklyn duo unveiled in 2011 on RVNG. The label finally uploaded this video to YouTube this week, explaining all the nostalgia.


Crystal Fighters “You & I (Molo Remix)”

You & I” is our favorite track on Cave Rave, an album title that Crystal Fighters recently took far seriously, and now we are tripping balls on this impressive, garage inspired reworking from Molo.


Massive Attack “Teardrop”

Taking a break from all of this awesome new music, to revive arguably the greatest chill out anthem of all time? Massive Attack's “Teardrop.” Be right back everyone, we need to go catch up on House.


Bam Spacey “River” (Curator Duffster)

Disembodied percussion and thick, pulsating basslines churn deep underneath Bam Spacey's almost hostile vocal on “River,” the first track from the Swedish producer after his beloved debut EP, Land.


St. South “Holocene (Bon Iver Cover)” (Curator Ruckus)

Apparently this cover of Bon Iver from Australian vocalist, Olivia Gavranich, is over a year old, but we have only just stumbled upon it, so deal with it. Ugh, we forgot how much we loved the original.


Mountain Range “A Silence Of Three Parts”

In September, British producer, Mountain Range, will unveil his sophomore EP, through Bad Panda. Here is the lead single, “A Silence Of Three Parts,” a night trip through vibrant, Four Tet intricacies.


Cult Exciter “In The Wave”

In The Wave” is the debut single from Cult Exciter, a duo from Brooklyn via Dominican Republic, who are all ghostly vocals, hyperactive percussion, and sultry horns. Never forget the fucking horns.


Cyril Hahn “Perfect Form (Henry Krinkle Remix)”

Hold on to your underpants, as Henry Krinkle has worked that Floridian magic once again, this time on Cyril Hahn's “Perfect Form.” Listen as Krinkle turns down the pitch, tempo, and bedroom lights.


Gold Panda “Reprise (T. Hemingway Remix)”

If you are a fan of the smoke stained electronica, produced by the likes of XXYYXX, take a drag on the British born, Germany based, T. Hemingway, starting with his remix of Gold Panda's “Reprise.”


Fort Romeau “Stay True”

Fort Romeau is getting us excited for his upcoming EP, Stay True, with this seven minute title track. The precision of the dance beat and the sense of experimentation makes for very addictive listening.


BitCandy is back with yet another edition of the best chill out music, next Friday! If you would like to help us, then sign up to be a Curator. Meanwhile, we are off to get fucking blazed with 2 Chainz!