Best Chill Out Music - Week 25, 2013


Tony Soprano once said: “Nowadays, everybody's gotta go to shrinks and counsellors, and go on Sally Jessy Raphael and talk about their problems. What happened to Gary Cooper? The strong, silent type.” Tony was right, which is exactly why BitCandy founded this column, so people like us don't have to go on Sally Jessy Raphael. Miss you, James Gandolfini. Hey, thanks to our Curators for helping us out with this week's picks. You can be a Curator, too. To find out how that works, click here, or tell us what chill out music we should feature next week in the comments, below?!


The 1975 “Me”

The 1975 find influence in their doleful Manchester comrades, Joy Division, in “Me,” as lifted from Music For Cars, which is out now, on Dirty Hit. The prolific British lads, who I first introduced you to on BitCandy's Winter Indie Sampler, are due to release their self-titled debut album in September.


Inc. “Black Wings”

Inc. head to the junk yard in the video for “Black Wings.” Yeah, I knooow that it's three months old, but, uh, look how many f*cks I gives. This is taken from the album, No World, which is out now, on 4AD. If you dig on this, then don't forget to check out this other track by the L.A. duo, “The Place.”


The xx “Reconsider (Jamie xx Remix)”

It's like remix inception in here. This remix of “Reconsider” by The xx is by Jamie xx. Yeah, the bro likes to remix his own band, cause YOLO. The YouTube user who uploaded this, Mr Suicide Sheep, may have the worst user name, like, ever, but he is right calling it “probably the best The xx remix.”


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Cosmo's Midnight feat. James Shuar “Surge” - Curator Duffster

Sydney producer duo, Cosmo's Midnight, have teamed up with the British crooner, James Shuar, on “Surge.” Bleeps and bloops, huge flanger whooshes, lyrics about the sun and shit, mhm yes, this has to be the perfect chill out tune, everybody. C'mon, name your price for Surge EP over at Bandcamp.


Tristam “Truth (Dabin Remix)” - Curator Beca

Ontario producer, Dabin, has transformed Tristian's electronic hit, “Truth,” into an emotional, house inflected number, encompassing 8 bit synths, grunge bass lines and the odd womp and wub. Head to Beatport to hear s'more remixes by Candyland, XKore, Filtercrush, Anna Yvette and The Dirty Tees.


Evenings “Babe” - Curator Chris Chanity

Evenings is an upcoming New York producer who our Curator Chris Chanity describes as “a slower tempoed Gold Panda.” True dat! “Babe” has been circulating for a couple of years, but it finally got an official release on Nathan Broaddus' debut album, Yore, which is out now, on Friends of Friends.


Black Atlass “Paris”

Introducing the newest addition to Fools Gold Records, Black Atlass. This 19-year-old from Ontario has already featured in Louis Vuitton's commercial. No biggie! Alex Fleming's latest single, “Paris,”  recently came accompanied by this elegant video, as directed by the Montreal auteur, Paul Labonté.


Quixotism “Porosis”

L.A. producer, Quixotism, who is named in honor of Don Quixote and his practice of over idealism, writes on his Facebook biography that he “has no idea what he is doing.” This is all kinds of hard to believe, listening to the cavity forming “Porosis,” which is out now, on Bad Panda Records, no less.


RÜFÜS “Desert Night” - Curator Beca

Desert Night” is the latest single to be taken from RÜFÜS' debut album, ATLAS, which is released in August, on Sweat It Out. This ambient, dance infused track is ideal for those summer nights, “tell me more, tell me more.” It follows “Take Me,” which has clocked over 200,000 views, on YouTube.


Seal “Crazy (Monsieur Adi Remix)” - Curator Beca

While Seal was busy defending that stoner bro from Good Charlotte, the French producer, Monsieur Adi, was remixing his single, “Crazy,” which came out 23 years ago, yes, that's right, 23 years ago... My God, I feel ancient. Sigh. Dig on this banger, which maintains just the right amount of soul man.


That's a wrap, everybody! BitCandy will be back with the Best Chill Out Music, next Friday. Until then, 'like' our Facebook, 'follow' us on Twitter or tell us what chill music we should feature next week in the comments, below?!