Best Electro House & EDM - Week 5 2013

Best of EDM & Electro

Ready for some more top dance songs from around the internet? Great, cause we got 10 handpicked tracks we lifted out of 300 we heard this week!  That’s what we’re here for. “We” being Uncle Flex and Glitch, of course, representing on the electronic side of the spectrum.  HUGE NEWS out this week! Daft Punk is releasing a new album in spring of 2013.

Yes, that’s right, the best, most influential duo of dancing robots to ever be created are getting back into the game with their first full length since the release of Human After All in 2005. This is going to be an incredible album full of guest collaborations, including Panda Bear from Animal Collective, but most impressively with the legendary producer Giorgio Moroder.

On that note, let’s start this off with some Daft Punk.  Here is “Voyager,” off of Discovery. It’s Uncle Flex’s all time favorite song ever. Basically, it’s everything that other French house tracks want to be but can’t.


Daft Punk - Voyager



Infected Mushroom - Mambacore

Great new releases from the ever weird Infected Mushroom. “Mambacore,” which is an obvious take on the genre ‘moombahcore,’ offers a similar feel to the latter, with a shuffling bass/snare with distorted electro tones.


Infected Mushroom - Bass Nipple

I’m not sure what a bass nipple is, but I sure do like the sound of it. This is a sweet track with a fabulous 32-bit bridge leading into the break.


ProtoVision (Boys Noize Remix)

Alexander Ridha must never sleep with the amount of material he is putting out. Between Boys Noize, Dog Blood, and a few other side projects that he works on, it seems like there is something new every week. This Boys Noize remix of Kavinsky is pretty sweet and sounds a bit more raw. It has a heavy, droning bass and is all around a pretty simple track, getting back more to Boys Noize’s roots, like something off of Oi Oi Oi, or even something prior. Good for you, Alex!


Slop Rock & Whiskey Pete "Superdope" (Gigi Barocco RMX)

Big, loud, and aggressive. To us, this is a mixture between Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner, though feel free to disagree. But you’re wrong.


Knife Party - Power Glove (Preview)

Here’s a four on the floor thriller from Knife Party. While it’s just a preview, it’s getting all of us amped for more of the dynamic duo. The epicness is ripe with the orchestral opening and adds a great depth to the low end, while choral pads help increase the anxiety.



The Fat Rat - Splinter

Christ on the cross, this is some heavy shit. In fact, I think I have to take a shit now. I think these guys found the brown note.... Pretty eerie intro with the demonic strings and chopped vocal track. Sounds like Dimmu Borgir or something.


Xilent - Boss Wave (Official Video)

FUNGUS TIME!!!!! This is a sweet 8-bit dubstep track that will make you wanna build a robot.


ok + NAPT "Baby I Like It"

Opening with a chopped and screwed piano line and warped vocals, this track seems like it might be a little bit weird at first. Pretty soon, the vocals correct themselves and a bouncing four on the floor beat drops with a heavily distorted synth line. If for some reason you didn’t realize, this track samples “Shimmy Shimmy Ya,” by ODB aka Dirt Mcgirt aka Big Baby Jesus for the “Baby I Like It” as well as some of the drum fills.


Promoted Post

Andres Fresko - Never Surrender 005

Check out Andres Fresko's mix "Never Surrender" and facebook page here  A little electro .. a little hard stuff with some vocal spashes too.


That’s all the best EDM we have for you this week. Thanks for checking back with us.  Seriously...It means a lot that you trust BitCandy with your delicious electro bangers.