Best Electro House - Week 19 | (11 FAVS!) 2013

Best of EDM & Electro

 Need some new of the best electro house from around to web to get you through the week?  BitCandy is the sweet sticky place for you. This week we have a mix of EDM, electro, nudisco, and more.   Oh and make sure you check out Justice’s new live album, “Access All Arenas,” which can be streamed for free via the Spotify and other services. If you didn’t understand their latest studio album, “Audio, Video, Disco,” (like I did), this will help you wrap your head around it. A big change is the use mashups, which were pretty non-existent in the first album, and bring new life to their older tracks. 



So we listend to over like 300 tracks to bring you just the best electro of the week.   And hear ya go, sweeties.  Oh and don’t forget to comment below on any “must hear” EDM of life that we missed or need to include for next week’s post.  We consider each comments and give you the credit if we use the idea.  Let's go.


Knife Party - 'EDM Death Machine'



This is the most interesting track off Knife Party’s new ep, “Haunted House,” combining a variety of EDM elements into one. 


Belin vs. deadmau5   



Deadmau5 goes head to head with an amazing artist in this latest video mashup.   


Krewella - Troll Mix Vol. 4 Get Ripped Or Die Trying



Don’t you love when Krewella goes trolling?  Nice to see them also on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Alive.”  Seeing Krewella live...I came to the realization (compared to say, a nice Swedish boy like Avicii)...these girls will slice you! 

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Cajoline - Nu Disco Your Disco Exclusive Mix



Nu Disco Your Disco releases exclusive mixes every few days. Here’s one of most recent chilled out mixes, features a few great samples from chart topping pop from days gone by. 


Touch Sensitive - Pizza Guy (Lauer Remix)



Great remix and free download! We posted the original a few weeks back, though it’s up in the air which is better. This mix boasts a more upbeat tempo, bouncing along on a space aged synth bass. Compared to the original, which has a much slower, sexy groove to it. 


Azari & III - Lost In Time (Blende Remix)



Here’s a new remix from Blende, who brings their characteristic funk to this track by Azari & III. We love Blende’s ability to spice up any song with an easy going dance groove.





If you haven’t seen Digitalism live yet, you’re living a sad electro lie. Check out their concert schedule and get tickets before they sell out. And they will sell out, fast.


Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better



We’re taking a break from serious iPod melting bangers to bring you an electro pop treat compliments of Cedric Gervais and Howard Jones.  Great cover idea.  Actually I had this idea screw you Cedric!   


Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp



Kris Menace feat. Black Hills - Waiting For You (Oliver Remix)



What can we say...we love Kris Menace...we especially love Oliver.  And we love them both for bring out this electro banger this week.   This track was brought to our attention from, BitCandy reader, Markus Ruth.  Got an idea for a “must have” post idea...let us know in comments below.   


Dim Mak - New Noise Vol. 4 (Teasers)



Two words: Dim Mak.   One word:  Fierce


Thanks for checking out our EDM music filter...where we literally listened to hundreds of tracks this week to bring you just the best.  Cuz ain’t nobody got time for that!!  Feel free to bookmark our Best Electro House page.   See you in the future, lovers.