Best of EDM / Electro House - Week 28 2013

Best of EDM & Electro

Who’s in need of some more banging EDM, techno, and prog? That’s what you’re going to get here at - the top dance music from around the web! We have a great variety again this week, so let’s stop talking and get listening.


Tiësto & Swanky Tunes - Make Some Noise (Skidka Remix)

We’re kicking it off with a straightforward banger from Skidka. Originally produced by Tiësto and Swanky Tunes, Skidka bumps it up a notch.


Boys Noize - Starwin

Boys Noize is reaching back to an older era of dance music with the disco string thriller. It’s great to hear him take a break from the angry German electro and do something a little different.


Phuture Doom - Han Breaks

First of all, this guy is from Detroit, so mad props to him for that shit. Secondly, this beat’s 90’s tech vibe is so sick that you should put it on repeat. Take a moment to consider: when was the last time you listened to acid techno that wasn’t Aphex Twin?


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Steve Angello VS. Matisse & Sadko - SLVR (Pete Tong Exclusive)

If we had a nickel for everytime we heard Pete Tong say the word EXCLUSIVE we would have a fuckton of nickels. This EXCLUSIVE play of “SLVR” is a big one from Steve Angello vs Matisse & Sadko. It’s big and european and has Steve Angello, so you kinda know what you’re getting yourself into here. Expect to this one to be heard at all the raves for the rest of the summer.


Jackson And His Computer Band - Glow (Released September 2013)

Indie Electro...Jackson and His Computer’s been too long!


Oddity - The Next Night

Coming off of the Japanese label Den Haku, Oddity lives up to his name. It starts out as electro but quickly turns into an eccentric blend of dance music featuring some cowbells that belong in the 90’s. Get onto Oddity’s soundcloud and check out the other track from this EP, or go all the way to Den Haku to hear some of the hottest shit coming out of Tokyo.


Deadmau5 - Omnifck

Apparently Deadmau5’s new track was “found on a drive,” which probably means it was made years ago and Joel stumbled back to it. It’s slow with mellow beat and chill ambient tones that fit nicely with two other tracks that the mau5 has recently released. Those two, “Suite 02” and “Suite 04b” can be found on his soundcloud, and also showcase Deadmau5’s softer side.


Nina Simone - I Put a Spell On You (Pretty Lights Remix)

Off of the Verve Remixes: The First Ladies compilation comes this fantastic remix of Nina Simone from Pretty Lights. Using Simone's deep, haunting voice, Pretty Lights adds some wobble bass and distortion, coupled with the original instrumentals, to create something groovy with soul. Check out the other great tracks from the CD!


That’s all we could fit in for this week. Check back later for more great EDM, house, electro, nüdisco and more! Have some music we should know about? Tell us and make a few bucks!

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