Best Electro Music - Week 23 (10 Bangers!) 2013


Welcome back to BitCandy's best electro music, where we give you healthy dose of all things to bang your hiney off. We have a great selection again this week, including EDM, techno, electro house, and more!  And by the way...consolonces go out...We know it’s been a hard week, with some of your favorite Game of Thrones (spooooooilller alertttt) getting murdered and all. Hopefully these tracks will help you forget.



Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn (Official Video)

Here’s a video from UK duo Disclosure’s new album “Settle.” It’s reminds us a LOT of Felix Da Housecat’s new video and single “Sinner/Winner,” which we featured a couple months back.


Trying To Be Cool - Breakbot Remix

While their original material is great, one of the best things about this new Phoenix album remixes. Breakbot’s warm toned disco funk melds perfectly with the original track’s upbeat groove.


No Tomorrow Vol 4 Mix - Far Too Loud

We doubt you can handle this mix, but you can try anyway.

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Daft Punk - Robot Rock

Our review going up in a moment on how much we hate the new Daft Punk album.  Sorry.  But it’s the most underwhelming album release of the year.  The musical equivalent of Indiana Jones 4.  But no matter we can always remember the glory days with “Robot Rock.” 


Boyz Noise - Go Hard

Really Alex?   You had to lower yourself to remix...Kreayshawn.  Eww.   But that being said...I like the track.


Tommy Trash - Blair Bitch Project (Hot Mouth Remix)

Hot Mouth remixing one of our favorite Tommy Trash into a huge banger. We’ve heard this teased for a while and FINALLY it’s out.


Alex Young - Mastermind (Original Mix) free download

So dirty...expect to hear this one all summer.


Kill Frenzy - Errrybody

Killfrenzy is at it again bringing beats that mix elements of bass, techno, house, and hip hop to create something really great. It’s like butter on the ear but will still get the dance floor moving.


Storm by StereoHeroes

Here’s a new electro house thriller from StereoHeroes. If only these guys would leave France and come to the US for a bit...


That’s it for this week. What do you think? Hear some great new music you think we should know about? Comment below, you might even make a few bucks doing it!

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