It was Valentine's Day last weekend. I really hope that you had a beautiful night with a girlfriend or boyfriend or boyfriend AND girlfriend ;) or friend or movie or bottle of wine or box of chocolates or couch or restaurant or music concert or video game or absolutely nothing. I just really hope that you did something or nothing, you know? Whichever version of that you wanted to do.  CAUSE U GOTTA DO U. Gotta love yourself first. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter. 

I spent my Valentine's Day ignoring my girlfriend and listening to music -- 'cause MUSIC is my true love. I hope that you agree and love this set of songs more than you could ever love a person. I'm totally just kidding? I don't even fucking know anymore.

<3 <3 <3



Where the fuck did this song come from? Flutes and Horns all over this Jazzy Tech-House track. This song is beautiful and subtle and I wanna hear it pumped through loudspeakers on the hour every hour, like they do in North Korea. Klangkarussell performs this shit live too. Fuck, I want these fools to come to America. Maybe next year's festival cycle.  :)



A couple of weeks ago I found myself leaving an after hours party as it started winding down around 4AM. Above us, there was a Korean after-party that was just getting started. We heard the craziest fucking music I'd ever heard. Gut-reaction, I described it as "Circus Scissor Music." Glitch Mob doesn't sound like "Circus Scissor Music," but there is certainly some similarity in the sharpness of these synths. They are fucking HUGE and so so so so so sharp. This is one of ten songs on a fucking awesome album. Go find a stream of "Love, Death, Immortality" and give it a listen. It's a fucking gem and it deserves a full listen. Just consider this a lil tease.



Todd Terje's album is coming out! It's Album Time! Yeah, that's the name of his album. Let me link you to the Wunderground article that makes fun of it better than I ever could. But it doesn't matter, because holy shit. TODD TERJE IS RELEASING AN ALBUM. 12 tracks of high energy gooey disco house like this is all I could ask for out of my 2014. It's nice to know that this first single is bomb too (I mean we all already know that Standbar and Inspector Norse were, and if you didn't -- i'll wait while you listen on a google search that you do for yourself). I really can't wait to hear that Bryan Ferry collabo that's coming.



This song FEELS like Rob Zombie started making Electro. The synth line rips like a Rob Zombie guitar line, and all the samples are Horror-spooky as fuck. Rad. I love Rob Zombie. 



It's nice to see R3hab just quietly keepin' on, doing his thing in the corner. New trends come and new trends go but R3hab just keeps hitting those hard Chainsaw synths like it's his job (it is). I've listened to this song 15 times to write this lil blurb on it and now I can't stop. Maybe it's slowly turning me into an Android. It's like a computer program to turn men into half robots half men. I also really like how short it is. Is this a new trend? Cause i'm digging it if it is. Can't get sick of 1:48. Not even possible. Second also: love the Bladerunner album art. Do R3habs Dream of Electronic Sheep?



Punchy disco synths and a fat FUCKING bouncy bass. Build me up with that Lenno, and drop me on my Jimmy Durante butt.  Summa dat dark funky disco bass. Feels like a collaboration of Dillon Francis's Moombah Bounce and Oliver's Dark Disco. A combination that I would now like to hear more than anything else in the world. I'll just be here waiting...



I love that in 2014 you can describe something as "Big Room Trap." Is it Trap? Fuck no. Is it Big Room? No again. It's Big Room Trap. Get with it. That bass drop out, high punchy synth rhythm that I unfairly associate with 90% of Big Room House (Animals - Martin Garrix (Original Mix) sounds pretty great on a trap track though. (Reminds of Carnage & Borgore - Incredible, which i LOVE.) So props to these guys. Keep making some more of that Big Room Trap. It works!



Shlohmo makes LEAN music. Music to get slow to. But ain't nothing better than Shlohmo with Jerimiah on top. Sounds like sex.  They have a full EP coming out and this is the first track we've heard from it. God, I can't wait to hear the rest. Way too many babies are gonna come from this EP though. The Government is gonna have to do some China population control shit.


FOUR TET - I got this song Burn stuck in my head so I did a remix and Ellie DMed me and she's into it

For some reason I've heard the Original Ellie Goulding version of Burn 10,000 times. It's fine, even sort of cool. But it's real nice to see Four Tet, Four Tetting all over this. Doesn't sound too much like the original until you hear Ellie's vocals popping through the weird. It's a match that doesn't sound right on paper. Good thing audio ain't paper. Glad Ellie is into it too. She's just proving that she's a cool ass chick.



It's always nice to hear some romantic music on Valentine's Day. Two and a half hours of groovy G-House with some surprisingly sweet messages on the vocal tracks. Surprising, because it was actually pretty romantic for dudes whose regular steez on twitter is "I always fuck with my gun," "Can You Taste It In Your Mouth?" and "big up to this girl in the front who show me her tits last night." But these dudes are my fucking fav in the world right now so… who gives a shit! Plus, this is what I forced my girl to listen to this with me on Valentine's Day. Aren't I a keeper?

Yes, yes I am.



LXURY is the first dude that the Disclosure brothers took under their wing, co-producing one of his first tracks -- "We Do." Continuing on living in exclusively great company, LXURY releases his next track on Kitsune's New Faces collection alongside George Fitzgerald, Snakadaktal, and a bunch of names that I don't know and intend to look up right now. This song is really pretty, with a swirly synth and a beautiful vocal sample. LXURY is FOR SURE new face to watch in 2014. Thanks Disclosure for making us all pay attention!


I can't wait until next week! I'll have a whole new batch of ten/eleven/twelve songs and weird comments about them. I hope that you can't wait either and are like a little kid the night before you're going to Disneyland. So excited that you puke. Please puke for me.


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