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Just like that, the first month of the new year has eclipsed, and somehow it feels like both everything has changed and everything’s the same. One thing is for certain though: new indie pop music is thriving, and We Are: The Guard is here to share our best new music finds with you weekly!



ELIO has this special ability as a songwriter to zoom in on the little things in life that we all stress about. We’ve all thought about these things, she’s just putting words to it. On “CHARGER,” she talks about the feeling of saying goodbye to someone you just fought with, or leaving a party in an awkward way, and then realizing you forgot something and need to go back.



20 year old singer/poet Arlo Parks has become known for her honest lyrics that reflect on the human experience. On “Hope,” she offers just that: hope for a brighter day and a reminder that “You’re not alone like you think you are.” As many of us approach nearly a year of isolation, “Hope” couldn’t come at a better time.


DWY - “YOU & ME”

Writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist DWY knows how to craft a great song and tell a story. On his newest release, “You & Me,” he talks about that thrilling, all or nothing kind of love. He described it as “...a young long, a strong love, but its flame couldn't be tamed... but I don't regret it. I remember just thinking to myself if this blows up at least we'll go out with fireworks... a beautiful explosion."



On new release, “Cruise Control,” Ben Kessler shares the contradictions that make us human. We don’t always know where we’re going, or even what we’re doing, but we’ve got to trust the process. “I’ll get there / I know it / Cruise control,” he sings.



DENM is a good friend of We Are: The Guard, releasing some of his music on our label. We’ve seen him grow and transform as an artist, and his newest release “Blow it Up,” is the essence of his sound. DENM initially started writing “Blow it Up” about his beach town neighbors who would party and fight a lot, but as he wrote, he found parallels between their stories and his own. “So it’s kind of a song written about life in Southern California,” he said. “The seedier side. It’s not all Beverly Hills and Malibu. It’s tough and you gotta learn to be tough to make it. But it’s also a party and good time. There’s no place like it.”



Spencer Wiliam’s honest brand of pop music drew us in from his first release, and now he’s done it again on his newest single “Unconfident.” He shares the kind of thing you’d hear from a close friend about not feeling themself. With themes of imposter syndrome, insecurity, and anxiety, “Unconfident” reminds us that we’re not alone when we question ourselves.



Boy In Space has one of the most interesting voices in indie pop. Supported by thrilling melodies and relatable lyrics, “Dance Alone” is on track to become one of his most popular songs.



Direct lyrics and melodic power come together on Chloe Tang’s newest single “Sad About Me.” On the hard hitting chorus, she looks the truth in the face and states “I ain’t sad about a boy / I’m just sad about me.” Supported by dark synths, it has this badass energy. Taking responsibility for your emotions is empowering, and “Sad About Me” reminds us of that important lesson.

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Arielle Tindel is from Cleveland, Ohio. She recently graduated from Berklee College of Music with degrees in Music Business Marketing and Songwriting. In her free time, Arielle can be found gardening or playing bass.