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Hey everyone and welcome to another week of Best New Indie Pop songs! Can you believe that Spring is officially upon us and April is basically here? I for one am still stuck in January… Luckily, some awesome musicians have been working really hard to create and release new music, so I have a few of my favourite new releases from recent weeks. Enjoy!



We’re starting slow this week with a poignant but extremely powerful ballad from Peter McPoland. About a month ago Peter announced his debut EP slow down - due to be released May 20th - on his Instagram and added that he’ll be dropping one song a month leading up to the EP’s release. “Let Her Remember” is just one of the songs that will be included in the collection. To me, “Let Her Remember” is a beautiful lyrical song about wanting a past love to remember what it was like when you were together, the good times of course. There’s some powerful imagery in the lyrics and the video itself is raw and highly emotional. I urge you to check it out!



FINNEAS is back with a new song titled “Naked.” In an Instagram post announcing the release of the single FINNEAS, whose full name is Finneas Baird O’Connell, stated that “Naked” is about that weird time after a relationship when your ex begins to turn into a stranger despite the fact that you once knew everything about each other. In this case the hook line “I can’t believe you’ve seen me naked” could be taken both literally and metaphorically. As always, the production on the song is superb. Congratulations are also in order for Finneas and his sister Billie Eilish after winning Best Original Song at the Oscar Awards this year for their James Bond theme song “No Time To Die.”



I’m totally obsessed with Gatlin’s new release “2000 Miles.” It’s a great Indie Pop song about finally freeing yourself from a toxic relationship. In this case, it took ‘2000 Miles’ to realise that they don’t need to depend on that toxic person to survive and although ‘2000 Miles’ is a long way away, sometimes it’s just necessary in order to find your true self. “Drove 2000 miles / And when the sun hit me / Didn’t mind you weren’t with me / It kinda made me happy” I’m loving these lyrics in the chorus and the whole song itself is very well written.



I’m absolutely LOVING “All I Ever Asked” by Rachel Chinouriri! I admittedly hadn’t come across Rachel before hearing “All I Ever Asked” for the first time the other day. I really like her Alternative Indie Pop sound and sophisticated lyrics and “All I Ever Asked” is an absolute jam. It’s super catchy and makes me long for summer road trips with the windows down and having the music turned all the way up while you sing along. It sounds to me like the subject of the song might be somewhat toxic (a running theme in this week’s post maybe?) and there's a line in there that stuck with me - “Never sorry for what you said / For all I know you adore me / But kept it all inside your head” - most of us can relate to being with someone and not knowing if they really do love you because their words and actions aren’t very telling, and it’s frustrating.



Ok so I am speechless after listening to “97 Avalon.” It’s Charlie Burg’s first release in two years and now it might also be my favourite song of his. I’ve been listening to his music since the release of “Bookstore Girl” in 2018 and his songwriting is still as exceptional as ever. I listened to “97 Avalon” while reading the lyrics so I could really take it in and I highly recommend you do the same when you have a listen. In a recent Instagram post Charlie stated that the 6 minute song is “the first you’ll hear” off his new album and also says “I do think it’s the best song I’ve ever written”. I’m very excited to hear more new songs!



Wallows is back not only with a new song “Marvelous” but with a whole album! Tell Me That It’s Over was released on March 25th and is full of brand new catchy Indie Pop songs from the 3-piece band. The album is full of interesting melodies and sing-along choruses which will be good for when they go on tour this year. The tour will actually last until 2023 and the band will visit many cities across North America, Australia and New Zealand, and will finish in Europe. Wallows have quite a year ahead of them indeed!



Up and coming singer-songwriter Isabel Pless recently released a new song titled “Call My Own.” Like her other songs, “Call My Own” is written from a very introspective place which is why a lot of people can relate to her lyrics. She’s building a huge fanbase on TikTok by sharing newly written songs, a popular trend these days amongst songwriters, and she’s able to showcase her uniqueness and ability to write well thought out lyrics to her followers. What really drew me into “Call My Own” was the opening line - “I kinda hope the billionaires will stay in space” - I think most of us can relate to that…

Well, this week this is all I have for you! I hope you enjoy these songs and feel moved to add a few to your personal playlists. Have a great rest of your week, enjoy the sunshine and see you in April!

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Olivia Flattery is a music business geek originally from London, UK, but just graduated from Berklee in Boston. She is also a singer-songwriter and one day hopes to work in the realm of film and TV as a Music Supervisor to combine her love of songs as well as her love of visual media. Olivia also enjoys collaborating with others on various music projects and is working on sharpening her production skills to open more doors for creativity.