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Hello lovely readers! I hope everyone gets a chance to unwind, take some breaks and enjoy the weather this week. Maybe it’s time for a beach day or a road trip? In which case, here are some new Indie Pop bops you can add to your playlist for your next vacation day.



Not long after her dreamy flora + fana album, Fana Hues earned a place on Pigeons & Planes’ upcoming compilation album of rising artists, See You Next Year. With a smooth R&B groove and Fana’s light, pretty vocals, this is the perfect song for a refreshing drive around town.



Marci uses a funky bassline, kaleidoscopic synths, and husky vocals to give us a blast from the past with “Terminal,” the 3rd single from her self-titled debut album out on August 5th. In a press release, Marci talks about her writing process: “Terminal is my joke vapid lingo about being dead because something is soooo cool. The song is about how music can be so overwhelmingly good it allows you to fully escape. David and I wrote the seed of this song while we were pregaming for a party that turned out to be shit.”



Is anyone else going through a perpetual Regina Spektor phase or is it just me? One of my favorite indie pop queens is back with another fun, catchy, and beautifully weird bop, “Loveology.” Her unique vocal style and lyrics (like a bridge dedicated to porcupine-ology, kiss-ology and more) show that she’s an artist who knows how to have fun with her music. Her new album, Home, before and after, is out on June 24th and I couldn’t be more excited to play it on repeat.



A bossa-nova style groove constructed by modern pop synths, a crisp snare sound and cool, laid back vocals earned Jhung a spot on various new music playlists this week. With rapidly increasing streams and monthly listeners, Jhung is quickly climbing up the indie pop ranks with his debut EP, Always The End.



Only her debut single, “Olympus” has already brought Blondeshell many listeners and roaringly positive critical acclaim. The song details a gritty, toxic relationship with lyrics like “I wanna save myself / you're part of my addiction / I just keep you in the kitchen while I burn.” Also, rhyming “vodka” with “rocker”? So cool.



“What About The Kids” is the gut-wrenching new single from Rachel Bobbit’s forthcoming EP, The Ceiling Could Collapse, out on July 15th. The song tells a poignant story of shielding children from the grief of losing a family member. In a press release, Rachel talks about the themes of the EP: “We need to accept that we can’t have our minds fixated on all these things that could happen, and we need to move on—but also the ceiling could just collapse.”



What better song to wrap up a post about songs to go into your road trip playlist than Belot’s new single, “Driving To LA?” The dancing synth bassline, chorus claps and addictive hook make this the perfect song to head bop to in the car. Her latest EP, Harmless Fun, is nothing short of lively pop perfection.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of our favorite new Indie Pop releases from this week! Please go support the artists you like and be sure to check in next time for more. Have a great week!

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Aashna Gupta is an artist and writer from New Delhi, India. Other than singing, writing, and scouring through playlists for new artists to listen to, her daily activities involve napping, playing video games, and wondering when Rihanna's next album is going to drop.