Best of PopSmut (9 Indie Pop Picks)


Test, test, 1..2...3...test. Hello there darlings, I am Mariah Carey's microphone and guest blogger for this week’s list of the best alternative and indie pop music. It’s nice to actually be used for something other than just a prop for my Mimi. I think I need to start reminding her that she needs to turn me ‘on’ before chasseing onto the stage. It might help put an end to all the lipsyncing rumors. Doh! Better stop myself now before I give away one too many details. Please don’t sell my statement to TMZ. Instead, how about we forget everything I said and listen to some pop music starting with the adorable lambs from Brooklyn.


Smallpools - Dreaming (Chainsmokers Remix)

The Chainsmokers’ remixes are almost as addicting as my Mimi’s honey scented breath. I can understand why Sony (my bffs) approached the indie producers with the opportunity of doing a Smallpools remix. Kinda wish they had approached me first.


Kanye West - Blood on the Leaves

Kanye always tries to outshine the biggest diva in the room, sometimes he’s successful and sometimes well, he misses the mark. But in the case of ‘Blood on the Leaves’ he does everything right,which is weird because I usually hate auto tune music.


Matt Corby - Resolution

Man, I would give anything to be Matt’s microphone. His sexy raspy high notes send a chill up and down my chord. Crosby just wrapped up performing at Glastonbury and on July 4th (tomorrow) he will release 'Into the Flame' EP for all the vinyl junkies.


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Gentlemen Hall (RAC Remix)

Oh I could totally see Mariah dancing to this light and bouncy track all summer long. RAC will be releasing his debut album later this year. Until then I suggest you listen to more of his remixes here.


j.viewz - Far Too Close (Official Video)

If I weren’t a microphone, I’d want to be a Ked’s shoe so that I could relive the 80s by dancing to ‘Far Too Close.’ And on that note, I bet I could dance better than j.viewz himself. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at his moves.


(Duffster) Frida Sundemo - A Million Years

I think the reason why I don’t get to go out much is because Mariah is afraid I might be snatched up by a hot new Swedish pop artist. And she’s probably right. I am a voice whore and I go weak in the knees when I listen to synth pop. Grab your free download of ‘A Million Years’ by clicking on the soundcloud link.


American Authors - Believer (Captain Cuts Remix)

If we could take points away from a cut because the remixers decided not to give an embed code we would! But still, Captain Cuts delivered a good one here for American Authors. Check it out here.


I Am A Camera - The Legendary Children

I love how the Brits pronounce legendary, sounds so fancy. After listening to ‘The Legendary Children’ I feel empowered and driven to come clean with all my secrets about...oh nevermind. Enjoy the track and play it at your next rave party.



We’re ending this post with a friendly battle. On one corner we have the scraps of Action Bronson and Harry Fraud and on the opposite corner we have a booty popping d banger by The Chainsmokers. Both tracks are heavy in their own way, but my vote goes to Mariah. #POW.


Oops, the lambs here at BitCandy are signaling me to wrap up. I had a lovely time with all of you, I must be off. I have to dip myself in honey before tonight’s performance. I might be back next week depending on my schedule, so until then make sure you bookmark BitCandy’s free online radio. Adieu mon darlings!