Best of PopSmut | Week 32 | 10 Tracks 2013


Great news guys you can stop holding your breath now cuz Chris Brown has decided to quit music. In the words of my fav Nascar driver, “Thank you baby Jesus!” Let’s see how long this tantrum lasts. In even more great news, with the help of our sweet ass curators we’ve gathered a complete list of best indie and alternative pop tunes that may or may not cause you to have full body twerks. So for all those who came here to hear the latest fart coming out of Katy Perry exit to the left NOW...for everyone else, turn your volume up.


Icona Pop - Girlfriend [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

You know an artist has made the big leagues when the mother effing Cookie Monster makes a disturbing PSA video out of your song. Will Icona Pop’s “Girlfriend” inspire Bert & Ernie to pull a spin off? We’ll see...


HAIM - The Wire

I know everyone is getting chubbed up about Haim...but we’ve been very much on the sidelines in the circle jerk of frothy hype.  I’m not sure this one is penetrating the hymen. But it was nice to know somebody remembers the beat to “Heartache Tonight” by The Eagles.


Terry Urban - Portugal, The Man & Friends [Free Download]

Before we get nipples deep into what I believe a Mad Hatters tea party would sound like, let’s take a moment to bow down Terry Urban’s mad skills. Yes he’s a freaking mad man for producing one of the best tracks of the week.


New Slaves - Angel Haze [Free Download]

“There’s Leaders and There’s Followers / But I’d Rather Be A Dick Than A Swallower” … And then there are people that don’t bring anything new to a cover (looking at you, Haze). That’s all right Angie, this is still dope (kinda).


Hoodie Allen - "No Interruption" (Acoustic)

Featured as one of the best unknown artist at SXSW 2013 by..oh yeah us, Goldroom’s ‘Fifteen’ gets a synthier club friendly face lift with the help of French producer Antoine Oxford.


TheWeeknd-XO - Belong To The World

Holy toledo Batman, did The Weeknd accidentally ‘borrow’ without permission Portishead’s beat? I don’t know guys we’ll leave the detective work for the popo, all I know is that this track belongs on my iPod.


Breach - Jack (OUT NOW)

I promised you music that would make you twerk, so here ya go. It doesn’t get more literal than this: “I want your body/Everybody wants your body/So let’s Jack.” Time to take your top off and grab your copy of Jack EP via Dirtybird/Atlantic Records before it’s sold out.


The Real Youth - We Are - (Curator Duffster)

Like the Naked & Famous? Then you’ll love the still very underground pop duo from Europe. All we know about them is that "We Are" is their debut song, they have under 800 fans on Facebook and about 40 followers on Soundcloud. But don’t ya worry our team is on the case cuz we want more of this infectious pop.


KAVINSKY - Odd Look (ft. The Weekend) - (Curator Duffster)

As we wait for Kavinsky to drop his Odd Look EP we’ve been munching on this remix for a bit. As our curator Duffster mentions, it doesn’t really build until the last third of the song, on a positive note it’s a wee bit better than the usual and major brownie points for the 3am Zombies after letting us down with the album delay/hype.


Francesco Rossi - Paper Aeroplane (Official Video)

Italian producer Francesco Rossi is to blame for my new love for house music. All I got to say is mmm, mmm, mmm. A blend of the kind of pop we like mixed with some sweet deep house.


The Weeknd - Love In The Sky (Curator Duffster)

So why so much The Weeknd this week on PopSmut? Well hello...debut album drops September 10th and we’re prepping your ears before we convince you to love it or hate it in our future review of Kiss Land.


Drake - All Me feat. 2 Chainz & Big Sean [Free Download]

Personally...I could have stood to have a little more Aziz Ansari. By the way did the RAAAAAAANDY Mix tape ever come out?



No comment, RAAAAAAANDY pretty much covered it all. #Amen. And on note, that’s all the pop treats we have for you all. Let us know if we missed anything below. Until next week let our FREE online radio, we promise we’ll never play Chris Brown.