Best of Popsmut - Week 34 2013


Grab some extra wet naps guys, cuz you’re going to need them for this week’s PopSmut selection. In other words, we’re hooking you up with the top indie and alternative pop from around the blogosphere that will leave your mouth watering and asking for more. So are you all ready? I’m sorry, that really wasn’t a question...let’s get started.


Lorde - Royals (The Weeknd Remix)

Everybody is trying to tap a piece of Lorde’s sweet ass song. Some remixes have fallen flat while others i.e. The Weekend’s remix takes it to another level of ethereal pop bliss. Which version do you prefer?


GOODIE MOB (feat. Janelle Monáe) - Special Education (Official Music Video)

For a quick minute I had forgotten that Cee Lo-Green was a dope. Nice to see him frolicking around without duck feathers. I wish this track came out when I was kiddygarden, cuz back then I wanted to be anything, but special. Goodie Mob’s album Age Against The Machine drops August 27th FYI.


Shad - Stylin (featuring Saukrates)

He’s Canadian, he raps, and he’s hella fresh. No! I ain’t talking about Drake, fool. I’m taking about Shad, the guy who is talented enough to collaborate with rap’s creme de la creme.


Fly Or Die - Rock Mafia [Official Music Video]

Da fak did I just watch? I’m having flashbacks to Dragonball, I love it! The animation is killer if you’re into that sort of thing, and as for the song about female empowerment, well it’s catchy and true to the core nature of the Rock Mafia.


Basement Jaxx - What A Difference Your Love Makes

In case you didn’t catch our mini review of the latest best new track, Basement Jaxx is back with a new mellow dance floor banger and the video is genius. I bet you would still love this video even if it were silent.


Sage The Gemini - Gas Pedal (Official Video) ft. IamSu

That song is stanky in a good sort of way. The vid is disturbingly sexy, but slow bumping and grinding is all I can think about now. My bootaay would be dancing  to this but my gas pedal only has one speed....slow and awkward.


Bloc Party - Ratchet (Remixx87 Edit) [Free Download]

Hot off the griddle for you. Aussie producer Remixx87 is giving everyone a free download of Bloc Party’s contagious grooves over at his soundcloud. Click above to get your free goodies.


AIDONIA - Pon Di Cocky (Major Lazer Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF REMIX)

Another free download for ya and the best popsmut track of the week hands down. Make sure you hang onto your panties tightly cuz they are guaranteed to fall off when stopping on the dance floor to this track.


The Weeknd - Live For (feat. Drake)

Sh*t I am falling for The Weeknd. This track will make you go weak in your knees (minus the whole Drake part). The Weeknd’s album, Kiss Land, is out Sept 10th.


SET SAIL - HEY! (Curator Duffster)

With summer wrapping up, this track will forever be on my playlist. The American/Aussie band has created perfection: warm, light, fun, poppy and oozing with vibes that will make you smile.


Aww, looks like my time with you has come to an end. I must go and digg up some more goodies for you. For those who are still craving some more jams, make sure to stop by our Free Indie Radio, where we play all your indie favorites for free! Toodles.