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Happy fall! Today is Sunday, September 12 and I’m looking out my window enjoying the late afternoon light. Below you will find a list of the best indie pop songs from artists such as MUNA and Phoebe Bridgers and other artists like Dacey and Deb Never.  There are many different vibes, but all will make a great start to your September.



Dacey is a Vancouver based quartet that is paving a new path for indie-pop. With R&B, indie, jazz, lo-fi qualities, “LUV U A LIL BIT” is their newest single that consistently blows me away. The production is pristine and has a nostalgic vocal hook in the beginning before going into the unexpected bop that it is.



Stef creates a dark and powerful anthem in their new song, “Sicc” with vocal cadences and relatable lyrics that will be difficult to get out of my head. Hailing from Nashville, TN, Stef quickly grew their audience after playing multiple sold out shows in Nashville and helping to push indie-pop forward in her musical community.



Okay. I have to level with the readers here. This song has a quality to it like a newly discovered diamond. It takes me on an emotional journey that makes me feel like I’m walking back in time to all the moments that I’d like to relive. The release of “Funky” continues to solidify Deb Never’s incredible talent and innovation in the indie-pop world. It’s the perfect jam for driving while the days get shorter and our mind’s wander on longer.



As we all know, Phoebe Bridgers is probably one of the most well renowned artists in indie-folk-rock and with this recent feature on MUNA’s new song, Bridgers, shows another side of herself that is just as exceptional as her solo stuff. MUNA also is breaking through with their recent signing to Phoebe Bridgers’ label, Saddest Factory Records, and this song is the perfect first single to showcase their growth and the continuation of their powerful, synth-pop anthem.



A native Californian, Remi Wolf creates some of the most groovy indie-pop to date. With infectious stacked harmonies and intricate arrangements, Remi Wolf draws you in with a modern sound that is moving indie-pop to a different dimension.



Kate Bollinger is an independent artist from Charlottesville, NC that has been writing and recording music for sometime. With steady growth over the years on Spotify and the obtaining of representation from management and booking agents, “Shadows” is her first single since A Word Becomes a Sound EP and while continuing her lo-fi sound, she breaks into a new realm of indie-pop that transports the listener, floating down a serene river.



With a very clear homage to Billie Eilish’s dark aesthetic, lael succeeds in setting herself apart with her sound. For indie-pop, lael gives the listener a nostalgic, moody and relatable message in “my life is boring” that encapsulates the past year for many of us.



Bestfriend is a Canadian duo that started with just a conversation about life and feelings that, then, blossomed into a project while the two collaborated on opposite ends of the country. With only a small following on Spotify, “Hannah in the City” is a beautiful portrait of what it means to explore the depths of one’s mind during this past year where you might’ve otherwise not. The pandemic forced us all to reflect and “Hannah in the City” is a perfect example of this.


Moira Bren is a budding Canadian songwriter with synesthesia, a knack for melodies that feel like throwback and she just released the perfect end-of-summer-indie-pop song. “already homesick” explores the feeling of going off to college and starting a new chapter in life as an adult and independent person. It symbolizes new beginnings and is the perfect fall tune as students begin college.



With recently blowing up on TikTok within the last year, ROSIE continues to showcase her incredible work ethic and talent with her new song, “Social Stamina.” It’s the perfect song for someone just starting out in college and having to grapple with their personal social stamina. It sends the relatable message of the pressure to socialize and not knowing that it is okay to seek time alone.

Overall, these are some of the best indie-pop songs out recently. All of them embody a mood and generate a feeling that is healing, empowering and inspiring. Hope you all enjoy!

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Micah Rubin is an avid music connoisseur who loves to watch movies and spend time at dinner parties. He loves The Sopranos and playing shows with his band, The Brazen Youth. His dreams and goals include wanting to bring people together through music, striving to always create an efficient and safe space for others to work and create. He hopes to become an A&R or Music Supervisor one day.