Your life will completely change after listening to today’s Best of Indie Pop column. Yes, your hair will be thick and full. Your beard will be twice the length. Your bank account will have more digits than your phone number and when you walk into the office tomorrow your boss will be waiting for you with a promotion with half a year of paid time off. Though the accuracy of these claims is as solid as this countries politics today’s feature pop artists are a sure win. 10 out of 10 voters will agree that Poppy, Maria Lynn, ORKID, and the rest of the artists below are a must listen to this week.



Poppy can sing what she wants, make us believe whatever she wants, imitate whoever she wants because she’s Poppy and she may not be human after all as perceived by our very Kurt Kroeber who might be onto something after all. "Fashion After All" is taken from her upcoming album, Am I A Girl?, releasing October 31st. 



Not everything has to make you bop to be pop, it just has to mentally export you to a different emotional scene. In “Thingamajig,” Miya Folick takes listeners into a place that feels broken and fragile but can be repaired with that five letter word that can go one of two ways. Saying sorry can leave you in shambles or vulnerable but Folick is determined to smile either way.



Producer Kbubs makes you feel the same high you get when you’re in love with his upbeat single “Love Again.” Don’t be surprised when you feel flutters rush through body at the sound of Lux recounting her special moments with that special someone.



Swedish songstress ORKID won us over with her cathchy single “Wasted” and her latest “Sneakers” is without a doubt is an excellent followup. Chock full of memorable lyrics and irrisitable hooks, ORKID leaves us addicted to more of her pop bops. As far as the meaning of “Sneakers” she told Nordicbynatureberlin “My new single ‘Sneakers’ represents three personal, important messages to live by; ‘never give up, keep grindin’, keep going.’ Walking to school, daydreaming about goals in life, you can hear the no-sayers in your head, and around you, telling you that you’re from a small town, how would you ever be able to reach your expectations?”.



I apologize in advance if this is a repeat, but this morning when filtering through tracks “Not Cool” by More Giraffes rubbed me the right way, an hour later I found myself looping the same track. It’s one of those tunes you can easily get lost in thanks to it’s ethereal escape and glistening pop sensibilities. For a title that states it’s not cool, this is definitley super cool.



Anyone shooting for pop stardom could easily find themselves lost under the sound of many other aspiring artists, but that is far from true for songstress SITA who instantly sets herslef apart with her beuatiful silky vocals that have a hint of the R&B/pop singers of the early 00’s but with a beat so fresh you want to cuddle up next to it. Any song this chill and sultry is worth the risk of being contagious.



Producer duo Staygold shared last week their  ep Phase 2 that had the standout track “Snow Girl.” The single has a sense of a dark cloud that casts a somberslow tempo with a pulsating sublime beat that drives the energy to a whole new level leaving us with many reasons to smile because this was exaclty what we needed to hear to get us moving this morning.



We may be waving goodbye to summer through our rear view mirror but Boy Pablo makes sure we carry rays of sunshine everywhere we go. Though their single “Feeling Lonely” isn’t really sunny, in fact it’s quite sad if you and heartbreaking, but it sure puts a smile onyour face. The Norweigan band makes feeling down feel good all thanks to irony found layerd between their surf-pop sound. Boy Pablo's EP Soy Pablo is available now.



Washington state trio Ok Button slowly lead us up only to suck us in and shred our ears with something totally unexpected. Like a storm in the making their single “The Message” draws you in with the sweet dreamlike vocals of frontwoman Amber Wilson but things quickly take a turn for the dark when she goes full on gangaster and half whispers “You mother effers won’t bring me down.” YASS!



MØ’s homage to the Pixie’s single “Where Is My Mind.” The comparison is heard throughout the track and one could assume that she felt her mind was lost based on the statement she released for “Blur: “‘Blur’ is about feeling lost, and on a personal level I would be lying if I didn't mention that this song, for me, was about feeling creatively and artistically lost in the city of all great opportunities, Los Angeles.” Watch as the songstress dances her way through clips of Forever Neverland. Her album Forever Neverland drops this Friday.


Thanks for stoppign by. Do you feel any different? No? We didn’t think so, but hey at least you have ten new pop songs to add to your playlist. We’ll see you again next week with more pop gems.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash


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