When you think of a rising musical star from Austin, Texas, an EDM/Electronica producer is probably not what comes to mind. But like the rest of us, 21 year old Zach Burgett can’t choose where he’s from. So while Austin may be better known for roots Country and indie rock, Burgett is making waves under the name Prismo by marching to the beat of his own, well, beat.

After scoring another smash hit this summer with “Solo,” Prismo is back just in time for fall with the full-on banger “Energy.” After dabbling with alternative rock his last time out, Prismo is back on his dance/electronica game with this kinetic number. The song is about, you guessed it, energy.

But not the Red Bull drink kind, but more the hippie, pseudo-spiritual kind. As Burgett recently explained,“I wrote Energy about my experiences with an incredible person that recharged my spirit and enthusiasm. When I was at a low time in life, I was comforted knowing that I have someone that’ll support and re-energize me. I think it’s really important to recognize that sometimes you need to use your own spirit and passion to revive the people that you care for.

Opening with dark, pulsating synths “Energy” seems ominous at first. His ghostly, translucent vocals increase the sense of danger, as does a frantic build up to the drop/chorus. But when the release to all the tension finally arrives, it’s a joyful burst of cathartic, well, energy. An infectious groove that mimics the feeling of being uplifted by the spirit of another.

The contrast of Burgett’s impeccably precise vocals and the bombastic sonic onslaught of a beat is what makes this song so irresistible. Find out for yourself below:



With several tracks on Spotify with well over a million plays, Prismo is set to capitalize on all this newfound attention with a debut LP due out early 2019. He’ll likely be barricading himself in the studio til he’s finished the project, although given his prolificness I would be surprised if “Energy” is the last offering we heard from him this calendar year.

Burgett is an immense talent. His brief catalogue is highly eclectic and shows his writing chops and comfort in bleeding multiple genres together at once. One gets the sense that he is just starting to scratch the surface of his talent.

We’re lucky to be able to watch it unfold in real time.

As for now, go stream/download “Energy.”


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