New Indie Music! 10 + Favs (Week 19) 2013


I don't know if Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, but one thing is for certain, Anne Frank would have been a Neutral Milk Hotel fan. They dedicated an entire album to her, Biebs! Maybe you could try that next time, instead of writing a totally obnoxious comment in a museum guest book? But I digress... Prepare your mountain tops! Neutral Milk Hotel are back, but don't lose your sh*t just yet. There are plenty of new (or dare I say, relevant) top indie songs to check out, before you go and dust off In The Aeroplane Over The Sea:



Daughter “Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)”

Brit trio, Daughter, recently headed to BBC Radio One's Live Lounge to cover Daft Punk's “Get Lucky.” The result is a reverberation laden, atmospheric reinterpretation. Elena Tonra can “Get Lucky” with BitCandy whenever she likes... Seriously, we're desperate.


MS MR "Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix)"

Yup 2 of the biggest indie hypes of 2013 come together one great jam...I think.  We shall see if both of them separately rise to the top or become this year's Azealia Banks (hey...where the F is that album anyway?)


Big Black Delta “Into The Night”

Into The Night” is my favorite track from Big Black Delta's eponymous debut album, out now on Masters of Bates, kids. Okay, well, second favorite track. FYI: Big Black Delta was one of BitCandy's top picks for 2013 #justsayin.

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Beacon “Bring You Back”

Beacon are for fans of Radiohead, circa In Rainbows (which is, c'mon let's admit it, 99.99% of the fan boys reading this). “Bring You Back” is lifted from the debut album, The Ways We Separate, out now on Ghostly. Thom Yorke implores you to go and buy it!


No Joy "Hate Tarot Lies"

Drugs are bad, m'kay? They make you puke strawberry milkshake, all over the joint, am I right, No Joy? “Hate Tarot Lies” is taken from the brand new album, Wait To Pleasure, out now on Mexican Summer. Y'like, Bethany Cosentino?


Mother Falcon “You Knew (Album Sampler)”

Remember Mother Falcon, that 18-piece alt-orchestra that we were first on 2 years ago and maybe even funded (no fucking biggie)?! On May 7th, they release their sophomore album, the incredible You Knew. It is for fans of Sufjan Stevens, or “Arcade Fire at their most anthemic,” according to NPR. Proud!


Foxes “Beauty Queen”

When Louise Rose Allen is not collaborating with Zedd, Rudimental, or Fall Out fucking Boy, she is busy releasing music under the Foxes moniker. “Beauty Queen” is the latest single to drop from the darling Brit, who BitCandy first introduced you to this time last year!


Frank Turner “Good And Gone”

Good And Gone” is the, ahem, “highlight” from Frank Turner's fifth studio album, Tape Deck Heart, out now on Interscope. Did he just sing, “Fuck you, Mötley Crüe”? Ugh, Frank, you excruciating Eton Rifle, you...


Say Lou Lou “Julian”

Say Lou Lou are two Swedish twin sisters, who also happen to be supermodels, who also happen to write dream-pop music. Wait, are your panties still on?! “Julian,” the sophomore track from the artist formerly known as Saint Lou Lou, drops on May 6, aka, today...


Daughter - Youth

I have to say I'm impressed with the new long awaited Daughter album called "If You Leave."  This was my favorite track with lyrics that are just scorching like "setting fire to our insides for fun / collecting the names of the lovers that went wrong."  


Neutral Milk Hotel “Holland, 1945”



That's a wrap, Jeff Mangum...   

Jeff Mangum

...but BitCandy will be back with the top indie songs next Monday. Until then, 'like' our Facebook, 'follow' us on Twitter, or stop being so fucking perfect?!