Best Music Videos - Week 19 (10 Picks) 2013


What's in store for this weeks best indie music videos?  Oh just living museums, glowing vadges, Jordan Catalano's ill-focused rock star shot, the whereabouts of the little girl that turned into a blueberry in Charlie's Chocolate Factory and more as we get lost in the dark underbelly of Spring and the 19th week of the best videos we're tickled black to say we found in the stickiest parts of the internets. Don't chew, the BitCandy will last longer.


Thirty Seconds To Mars - 'Up in the Air'

Jordan Catalano just won't quit trying to be a rock star. Admittedly the lions, ecstasy and half-naked girls on pink mechanical bulls are pretty damn rock 'n' roll. And we suppose the What's Eating Gilbert Grape panties dance is, too. Everything else - confusion. Focus, brother, focus.

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James Blake - 'Retrograde'

The genius of James Blake astounds, even without a full drum kit, a black velvet swath of Lynchian R&B, ruined by the ambivalence of an aging Letterman. Clown.


Janelle Monáe - 'Q.U.E.E.N. feat. Eyrkah Badu'

This whole 'living museum' funk spectacular is a contender for Jamiroquai "Virtual Insanity" status with a suspended animation gang of bad-assery and Badu-Monáe hot-stepping, but hold up now, where can we get one of those gold-snaggletooth skull record players?

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Belin vs. deadmau5

Because there can never be enough videos about cats on the internet, subliminal uptempo freak outs notwithstanding.


DJ Koze - 'Nices Wölkchen feat Apparat'

Wonder what happened to the little girl that turned into a blueberry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory no more. But for clarity's sake: she colonized and discovered drugs.


Chronik - 'Deepest Darkest'

Is this pro-violence or anti-violence? Better question: why fuck with the alligators? What did they do to you, master Grime propaganda?


Keys 'N Krates - 'Treat Me Right'

Never would have thought cheesy romance novels would get the last laugh. This animation is off the chain. Adult Swim, you paying attention?


Emika - 'She Beats'

Portrait of a young whore. Don't try to humanize it, the beating heart's a facade. Get busy worshiping the glowing vagina.


Robot Koch - 'Autodreams'

Concrete jungle surrealisms forever and ever and ever and ever until your face melts off and is replaced with cosmic explosions. Make out sessions will never be the same.


Robot Koch - 'Glassdrops'

Alternatively, Robert Koch is capable of cloak and wooded terrorisms, with oil hemorrhaging bandage people and other generally frightening laptronica moods that Quentin Tarantino probably eats his breakfast to. Happy spring.

Gold. Snaggletooth. Skull. Record. Player. We're still enamored. Until next week, BitCandy munchers.  And don't forget to book mark our best music videos page to come back for more.