Best Mashups 2013 Pt 1 (10 FREE Downloads!)


Do you love hearing reinventions of pre existing awesome jams torrn down and resmashed into new mind expanding craziness?  We do.  And that's why BitCandy's music blog brings you our latest best mashups of 2013!  We listened to over 100 mashups to bring you 10 of the best booty shakers.  

We should warn you because of the recent Beyonce lip synching debacle that all of these mashups were previously recorded.  Bwwwhahaha I crack myself up. 

These are all FREE downloads.  Just clickity click that down pointing arrow and you're good to go.  

These top mashups are brought to you by Hood Internet, Chip Ivory, Brightlight Brightlight and more.

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Have an awesome weekend.  Get into some trouble.  But don't go to jail. 

Artwork for this post by Geraldine Georges (genius).