You ever stumble across something magical on the internet and wonder with a mixture of shock and embarrassment how you hadn’t seen it earlier? That’s totally us with “Acid Rain,” the truly remarkable video from EDM producer Lorn. We saw it, instantly fell in love, and had to share it. Who cares if it’s nearly a year old? This planet has been around for 4.5 billion years, a single one of those isn’t a very long time, so the “new” adjective still works from that perspective.

Anyways, “Acid Rain” is everything we’d ever want from a music video: Great Song? Check. A lengthy single cut? Check. Car crash, thus featuring the possibility of an allusion to J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers’ “Last Kiss”? Check. A highly-choreographed dance number featuring multi-ethnic zombie cheerleaders? Check.

This is the sort of thing you have to invent reasons for not liking. Director by Pavel Brenner, Julian Flores, and Sherif Alabede, “Acid Rain” plays like an insane mix of American Beauty, Zombieland and Bring It On. And yes I just dated the shit out of myself with those references. But kindly ignore that and proceed to watching this jaw-droopingly awesome video. Even if you’ve already seen it, you know it’s worth another go round. 



The Normal, Illinois native who goes by xx when he’s not making music, took home the UK MVA 'Best Dance Music Video' award for this effort. We’ll leave you with the lyrics to “Acid Rain,” since you likely couldn’t make them out over the muffled reverb of the vocals.

in bad dreams
in a cool world
full of cruel things
hang tight
all you
nothing like a big bad bridge
to go burning through


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