Best Music Videos - Week 27 2013


So America turned 237-years-young. Where were you? Were you jellyfish acid tripping? Getting kindergarten in the club? Did you mine some beats at a gas station and get Slaughter Rico to throw a verse over it on the spot? No? You burned your hand on a sparkler and ate tubed meats. Ah, well, then best indie music videos, BitCandy friends - wink - we're here for you.


B.o.B - 'HeadBand ft. 2 Chainz'

It's like 'American Beauty' meets ghetto thug rap in which B.o.B. attempts to deflower a whole suburb full of Mena Suvaris. 'Murrica!


Sander van Doom - 'Neon'

Time to go back to your local aquarium and trip your balls off in a jellyfish trance. All this is missing is a cheshire cat.


The Lonely Island - 'Go Kindergarten'

'Mad Max' club nazis are entertaining. But dangerous. Very dangerous. And demoralizing. Still haven't digested the 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' plug, either, despite Andy Samberg's warrior sense of humor.


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Slaughter Rico and Mr. Green - 'Mr.グリーンのストリートライヴ'

Pretty damn fly. More organic beats than a Whole Foods. Slaughter Rico keeps the "street life" tale legit, too.


Mood Rings - 'The Line'

Another 'American Beauty' tieback, this time without a cryptic Kevin Spacey muscling up the joint, but rather an amazing time-capsule of a Reaganomics bygone era only John Hughes could soundtrack better than this hazy dream-pop exhibit.


Kid Francescoli - 'Blow Up'

Go see about a Lynchian girl. Kid Francescoli, you are the mystery jam.


Patterns - 'Sunny Days'

Get it scarface meatheads, get that American dream. The world is your monkey meat and waterfall - damn, it was just a dream.


Gotye - 'The Making of Easy Way Out'

Just to show you how boring your life is, king ear-worm and crew debut this nine-month montage of just how creative minds are the best minds, with stellar Michel Gondry Sweded tricks left and right.


Post-vids pop quiz: You're Mr. Green and equipped with the beat-mining skills to pay the bills, where would you "kill that shit live from the streets?"