Best Music Videos: Week 3 2013


This wasn't planned, we swear, but every best music video contender this week posits some soul lost in a world foreign to them in some way, from crackheads to drunken angels, superpower lovers to Kabuki dramatists. Sign of the times? Maybe so. Blame the internet: the cause of, and solution to, all of BitCandy's problems:


Reijjie Snow - 'Lost in Empathy'

Ireland's answer to Kendrick Lamar poaches the albino set and roams around some woods in a santa jammy suit, ending with a what else - death by machete. Though we like to think it's what happened to Tyrone Biggums when Chappelle's Show lost its bankroll. presents: IO Echo's 'Eye Father'

Ah, the sad faces of the Kabuki Theatre elite. A supermarket is no place for the dramatic, displaced entertainment warrior. Such is why this fantasy world has resorted to making people sit on ceilings?


Youtube duet: Miles Davis Improvising on LCD Soundsystem

Once in a while, somebody discovers something magical on the intranets. In the past, humans would have to resort to smoking copious amounts of doobage and Pink Floyd, randomly encountering Wizard of Oz synchs. But here, friends, here we have art intersecting in a way that makes music a finer pill than religion. Take it Miles. 


Queen Herod Will Find You

"A giant, murderous witch who lives in an isolated castle in the forest" that mows children, eh? Sounds like the Brothers Grimm got to this shambolic indie-poptress something fierce. The shadow-work is some Gondry magic, though - nice work with the low budget. Looks like more money was spent on face paint than the narrative. Which we thoroughly encourage. Nobody doesn't like face-paint.



We've been waiting for a hipsters lost in wilderness series. Give these girls some MacBooks quick before they loose their collective shit and start throwing more rocks.


Benin City - 'Baby'

Sweet, another displaced character sheds a tear. We understand the drunk butterfly, angel femme, but why must this punk zebra get all 3-D apeshit up in this concrete jungle? And why must we, empathizers of this zebra-angel chase be subject to cuts of a mismanaged mustached narrator? Happy endings do ensue, though.


Benin City - 'Accelerate'

My friend, sit down and do some yoga or some shit. This debauchery will destroy you. Say it with us - "Decelerate. Decelerate." Yet another poster-child of digital woes ensue. Conversely, we would like to see you accelerate further and become Girl Talk 2.0. We will film your implosion. It'll be great.


Zedd - 'Clarity'

Love is capable of some powerful things, namely "insanity" and "gravity." It's just a shame these two waste their beautiful macro implosions of light and sound and fire in the isolation of the desert. Those metallic pyramids are mesmerizing, though. We would like to see more of the roaming around through those in this cosmic fantasy. 

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Post round-up thinker: Which lost soul, considering the video jams put forth, would you like to explore? Albino crackhead? Muppet? Cosmic lover? Kind of makes strange new worlds seem not so bad, eh? Especially soundtracked with the above talent. Until next week, kids...