Top Music Videos - Week 31 2013


A couple forlorn dudes in various kinds of suits, the dramatic lives of stop-motion insects, slavin' beats to yacht bitches and so much more as we make like a Beyonce weave and get all tangled up in the glorious fan of the internet and just keep singing in the name of the week's best vids:


London Grammar - 'Strong'

Because a firework suit is practical when you're a single, homeless dad living in a car down by a reservoir. Daughter must feel special, though:


The Love Language - 'Calm Down'

Another suited man adventure - welcome to the exploits of an astronaut, trying to get his tan on, getting in bar fights and not finding love, until:


The Uncluded - 'Organs'

A stop-motion insect tale that should be up for some award in creativity. How did y'all get them to wear little gym shoes and carry guns?


Franz Ferdinand - 'Love Illumination'

The second single from the "Take Me Out" boys' new disc, has the hooks sawed from angular to crunchy nubs as they get their freak on in this Lynchian checkered floor practice space and party with chubby drag queens:

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Beyonce - 'Hair Stuck in the Fan During Live Concert'

Yes, the Beyonce is stronger than the fan:


Dr. Dog - 'The Truth'

As is customary these days to hijack faded b-roll footage and splay lyrics across them, Philly's resident 60s sheen indie-popsters pay homage to their stomping grounds with this commuter train montage of some endearing concrete jungle romances:


New Desert Blues - 'Thom'

Speaking of concrete jungle romances, welcome to the flip side of the rate race, as the grid and rails and roads take on a mechanistic depression for whatever reason making a stop in a twinkie factory:


Classixx - 'All You're Waiting For'

And, we're off to the seas now, slavin' beats to some yacht bitch with a mean thirst for martinis and pearl studded specs:


Yeezy Slam

Remember when 'Ye wasn't a conceited prick? We do:


The Limousines - 'Love is a Dog From Hell'

Asterix-duct-taped boobies, french inhales, flaming keyboards and hugging leather-clad baclava punks, and myriad WTF-black-and-white-isms that will confuse the hell out of you. There is a dog, though. So, yeah:


Really, though, hold on to that endearing Yeezy moment - and when your croissants come quick in the French ass restaurant please smile for humanity.