Best Music Videos - Week 32, 2013


All is fun and games until MGMT freak out and tell you that "your life is a lie." Fortunately, we found plenty of fun and games and serious bits of a/v genius along the road to this week's assemblage of the best music videos streaming on an Internet near you. From fur-lined speakers to neo-soul claymation, Adam & Eve 30th century redux to suburban sorcery, let's jack:


Breach - 'Jack'

This is the greatest video ever made. Period. We will not eat our words later. It's like a lava lamp for feral, fur-loving geniuses, edited with diamond precision:


Fol Chen - 'The False Alarms'

Suburban "light as a feather, stiff as a board" sorcery gone horribly wrong, depending on your capacity for floating above the lives of your family and friends for days on end:


Serge Gainsbourg - 'Histoire de Melody Nelson'

Feature-length Frenchie eye-candy for the pop elite, behold Gainsbourg's 1971 masterpiece 'Melody Nelson' in Parisian pre-Nouvelle Vague street-encounter seduction:


Mother Falcon - 'Blue and Gold'

Austin's favorite Radiohead-loving high school orchestra gang does it again with this original homage to the noir beauty of dramatically choreographed dance, and their job in the pit to bring it to electric life:


King Khan & the Shrines - 'Darkness'

Claymation never fails to slay, especially when neo-soul powerhouse King Khan is the arbiter of self-worth from the shadows of a serpent-crowned thrown:


MeLoX - 'Handle It'

"Can you handle [this trapped in a bed-sheet nightmare], or should [MeLoX] give you a manuscript?"


Breakbot - 'You Should Know'

Adam & Eve in the year 3000 getting their virtual reality Garden of Eden on, soundtracked of course with some buttery disco:


MGMT - 'Your Life is a Lie'

This is a job for copious amounts of doobage or however you see fit the appreciation of narratives that will make your brain bubble. Hold out for the banana-chomping man. He is happy and his life is not a lie:


Is there a Serge Gainsbourg Instagram filter yet? C'mon 'puter people, put down The Google for a second and get on that, yes?