Best Music Videos - Week 34 (10 Favs) 2013


Rock and roll equations, midgets carrying canoes, multiple skate-or-die gangs, v-a-j heart hand-signs - it's a circus here in week the 33rd week of best new vids. The in-tents kind. If by tents we mean the veiled sins of man. In other words, join us, we're going to video hedonist hell.  Enjoy the ride.


Travi$ Scott - 'Upper Echelon'

Ah to be a fly on the wall during the production meeting for this cracked out hip-hop-ocalypse. We'd say wait for the midgets on cell phones carrying canoes, but sweet Jeebus, where are you and how does this fit into your rationalization for saving the human race?

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Mike Mago - 'The Show'

Ah, to be the seat on a beach cruiser only ridden by bombshells in the summer. At least, judging by these derrieres. Or the camera on this disco-housian booty joy ride, at least.


Polica - 'Shulamith'

You know when film nerds talk about Hitchcock and his mastery of fear without being graphic? Well, um, enjoy this bath-time album trailer, guys.


Yo La Tengo - 'Is That Enough'

Tuneage and math, together at Sun (Ra) cubed x Riot over Quiet Riot at last.


Brynjolfur - 'I Love You'

So is she a robot, a clone, or a just a sexy boxing dancer in high heels with an odd love for hugging punching bags? Either way, set the woman free, she's got some roofs to trot on and vagina hearts to sign. 


Portugal, The Man - 'Modern Jesus'

Opposite 'personal Jesus', here you are, contemplators of a higher being - mish-mosh the shit show that is Earth and overwhelm yourselves in senseless depravity, gluttony, plenty of fire and of course, a wee bit of twerking.


Editors - 'Formaldehyde'

Attempting a salvaging of the giant turd that was 'The Weight of Your Love', this creeptser Western with ribbon dancers and pod people masks is lost in flat metaphor, but a man drags a casket like a horse, so everybody wins.


Adrian Lux - 'Damaged (M4SONIC Remix)'

M4SONIC's poetic redux of Lux's fist-in-air skate-or-die jam includes 75% hands on knobs, because that is somehow more stimulating than NYC's finest evading cops and tearing up streets with their kick flip machines.


Stanton Warriors - 'Cut Me Up'

When did skating become cool again? And where can we find gangs of daisy duke-clad girls on a mission to shred and be baaad with matching t-shirts that they like to take off at inappropriate times?


No New Dads

DJ intranets prankster, Dillon Francis, strikes again with the shocking conclusion to his quest to find his father, instead bending over Drake for a little "No New Friends" parody in which Skrillex and Diplo's creepy-croppped mugshots float around like arbiters of psych.


So back to that diso-housian booty joy ride. 'Yeah…', go the smirks of everyone ever. See y'all next week.