Best New Videos - Week 35 2013


Broken carnie dreams, Matt Berninger's fuck up brother, a flying duck spawned from some embryonic nightmare and the most non-sexual twist on a banana innuendo EDM can shake a stick at, as our best music video net pulls up some questionably irresistible finds in the 35th week of the year.


Bingo Players - 'Buzzcut'

Never again will you question whether or not to respect your elders. Dubsteb crocheting. Geriatric kung-fu grips. Switchblade bingo. It appears that wisdom is not intertwined with kindness.


Dr. Dog - 'Broken Heart'

60s carnie dreams as the setting for the age-old tale of a broken heart. Everybody's gotta heal somewhere. Might as well be with Philly's best answer to indie pop.


'Mistaken for Strangers' Trailer

Brooding, cathartic rock as the antidote to Matt Berninger's long shadow cast upon his fuck up, non-important brother, in which said fuck up brother perseveres. It's kind of perfect for a band that gets off on playing one song for six hours straight for the sake of art.


Guy Fantastico - 'Floating Floating Floating'

Everything made sense until the embryonic flying sea-monkey duck thing with a serious thirst for milk shows up and explodes after witnessing sex.


Elvis Presley Medley 1968

Hey look, it's the Miley Cyrus of his generation! Keep your eyes on his hips. And that leather get-up that took at least two cows to make.


The Darcys - 'The River'

Everybody's so hung up on when we're going to be able to travel through time. Give up the ship, people, the medium of film is a beautiful thing. Especially soundtracked by the careening aqua rock of The Darcys.


Just Blaze & Baauer feat. Jay-Z - 'Higher'

This machismo Indian warrior dash sacrifice would be a whole lot cooler if Baauer's ridiculous panty-bass drop wasn't lurking around every corner. Or Jay-Z's flaccid rhymes for that matter. Props to Nabil Elderkin's editing/video work, though.


D.O.D. - 'Bananas'

We want this to be sexual. But it has higher ambitions. It's like a tripped out dream for a forgotten Coen Brothers character. The Dude meets the veritable bro and goes bananas.


Why do bananas get all the glory, anyway? What about star fruit? Peaches, even. C'mon now, there needs to be more videos with peaches. Hopefully we'll find some for y'all. Until next week...