Best New Indie Videos - Week 44 2013


How is it that Bitcandy’s best music videos always seem to wrap up the week so perfectly? Does it have something to do with the sparkle in our eyes? Or the fact that we love what we do? No, it’s strictly a case of good luck, good looks and ego. Now get out the snack foods and party favors because we’re about to get weird up in here and we don’t care who’s watching!


Sir Sly - Gold

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We were fortunate enough to catch Sir Sly's awesome set in the early days of 2013...we've waited way too long for this top indie song to make it's way to video!


The Neighbourhood - Afraid

The Neighbourhood are geniuses at making great music.  Check out this very cool video.  Who knows you might even get an induced seizure.  In that case this video would not be so cool.  But someone might like your "dance moves" on the floor. 


Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix)

Holy crap! Is it hot in here or is it just this video?! If only real life was this stimulating. I love how they sort of look like they’re in immense pain, but passion can do that to a person. This remix knocks the original version out the park. Flume, you Aussie genius!


CSLSX - Keep On Shining

These indie music videos keep getting weirder and oh how it brings joy to my dark, twisted heart. I honestly can’t tell you what the fuck is going on in CSLSX’s imagination, but I can suggest that you probably shouldn’t watch this while on any sort of hallucinogen.


DED Talk: A TED Talk for Zombies

Happy Halloween everyone.  It's time to eat some BRRRAAAAAINNNNZZZZZ!  


Jake Bugg - Slumville Sunrise

The new Bob Dylan (???) of our era and enemy of The X Factor (rightfully so) tries to rob some diamonds (with party favors?) and has some fun doing so with everyone chasing him from the cops to Elvis.  Nice one J.B. (no not you Justin Bieber). 


Brick + Mortar – Bangs

JESUS. This is the best action sequence I’ve seen like ever. Not only have Brick + Mortar come out with this dope ass track, but they’ve got an eye for music video magic too. There’s only one thing to do now; BUY THEIR EP!


Otto von Schirach - When Dinosaurs Rule The Earth

Put the word “dinosaur” in something, and I’m in! No questions asked. So this video is like Fantasy Island for me. I’ll be throwing my hands up and saying “dinosaurs” for at least the rest of 2013. And you will too. Because I said so! Now, share, share, share! Banana Sloth, say what?!