If you’re reading this week’s Best New Videos post, as indeed you are, then you obviously have nothing better to do with your time than sit around and get familiar with all the cool sh*t that went down in the Bitcandy universe this week. And that friend, is why we love you, we adore you, we absolutely can’t get enough of you. If you were a music video, you would make our list every week. Pinky swear. And now we offer up to you a bunch of crazy music goons, doing what they do best and coming up with some super cool videos for us to rip apart and enjoy!


<h3>STARCADIAN – “HE^RT” (via Curator, Duffster) </h3>

Ah, space! How I long for thee. This is quite possibly the most relaxing music video ever. If you’re not freaked out by virtual floating heads. Starcadian makes ear music. And damn good music videos too!


<h3>COLD WAR KIDS – “PINE ST.”</h3>

When I was a kid, people dressed up as animals used to make me cry. They still do, but now it’s mostly in a loveable way. Tell me you don’t want to take that pig home to snuggle! Little porky pyromaniac can sleep in my bed any day. Nice one, Cold War Kids!


<h3>KIDS OF THE APOCALYPSE – “EMPIRE” via Curator, Duffster</h3>

KOTA want you to cover your eyes, but I suggest you keep one eye open for this <a href="">best new music video</a>. Beware the sporadic shots of animal cruelty; this thing should come with a disclaimer. But if you can make it through the whole video, I think you’ll be a little more aware of where we’re at as a planet, good and bad. (Mostly bad, though.)



It’s Gary Course! Of course. You better be taking notes, fools. You don’t want to be too Tiesto. I’m pretty sure I could rock the blow dance all night long. It’s like it was especially designed for people without rhyme. Oh, wait. It was! But there’s a catch to this new dance phenomenon; If you don’t do this everywhere you go from now on, Gary Course will sneak into your house and blow on you.



I know what you’re thinking; WTF is Def Leppard doing in BitCandy's <a href="">Best New Videos</a>section. Well, if that's exactly you thought you can bite me (a little). The truth is ... I long for epic rock shows like this that don't happen anymore. It's part of the emasculation and desexualizing of rock and roll that has happened over the last 15 years. Now rock music and indie rock in mostly boring. And yes...I love this.  



Bless the things that come out of Canadian brains. You don’t get much weirder than dream sequences set in diners. But hey, if I was bleeding milkshake, I’d want to drink it too. The moral of the story; kids are f*cking annoying!


<h3>M.I.A – “Y.A.L.A”</h3>

YALA – You Always Live Again. It’s like YOLO but for cool people. M.I.A is at it again and this one could just be the best yet. Now get this sh*t tattooed on your forehead and let’s get crazy in the disco clubs! That’s why they invented karma, b*tch!


<h3>THE FLIGHT – “DARK CORNERS” via Curator, Becks</h3>

Put Keaton Henson on a track and I’m there like a big, drooling bear. Now I got to be honest, this video has all the charm of a dusty, old book. So if you’re into that sort of thing, you’re welcome! If you’re not, then let’s go get a beer.  



"It's hard out here for a bitch."  Yay...feminism!  Go get them Lily.  

That's it for a wrap on this weeks top music video picks.   Tune back next weekend where we filter just the best for your sexy precious ears.