This week we’re taking you on an emotional rollercoaster with the BEST NEW VIDEOS OF THE WEEK. You’ll cry, laugh, gag and hopefully you’ll cum. Too crude? Hey, it’s not my fault. I don’t make this sh*t. And before you start complaining that seeing Kim Kardashian half naked is disgusting, I agree and I apologize. But blame Yeezus for that one!



Remember that interactive Arcade Fire video where you could Google Maps your house and it became a part of the video? That sh*t was cool. This, however, is beautiful. I don’t know how they do it, but this band knows how to connect with people in a real special way. I mean, just watching this flooded my brain with all sorts of emotions. If you shed a tear too, let me know in the comments. Now harden the fuck up!



Steel Panther makes this list too often lately. And even though we’re sort of sick of them, we cannot deny you all the awesomeness that this video has to offer. Even if you just enjoy laughing at these idiots (like I do). But they do offer some solid advice. Like PUT YOUR F**KING SEATBELTS ON, KIDS!



378 views? That’s pathetic, world. It’s time to get your sh*t together and share this motherf**ker. It’s about time a band added lyrics to their videos, karaoke style. I’ve been waiting for this trend to pick up for ages. Let this be the beginning of a brand new universe of lyric-filled videos. The song is cool and ultrasounds are weird. Don’t have babies!



OK, so this may not be new but you’ve got to give us some props for digging it up for you. Why can’t we just go back to the 90s and be inappropriate with inanimate objects again? It looks like fun, no?!



I lasted a week without having to watch this monstrosity of a porno, I mean, music video. Seeing the screen grabs already made me feel quite ill and I thinking about it just made me hate life. But now that I’ve watched it, I’ve got to say….IT SUCKS. Kim Kardashian must have the dumbest looking face on the planet, but we knew that from her last “performance” with that other insane black dude. Yes, I’m talking about Ray J. If you can make it through this video without throwing up, then you deserve some sort of medal. Or maybe a free brain scan.

If you’re asking yourself what this tacky display of artificial love is doing on our BEST NEW VIDEOS playlist, well we’ve got our money on it being the worst video of the year, so we thought it deserved a spot next to the cool shit, just to make it look even more terrible. Yes, Kanye. Jesus is definitely weeping at this one.



Did anyone else have a flashback of the intro from 3rd Rock From The Sun? Ah, I miss the 90s. Anyway, besides all the dead people, Obits rocked my socks off with this one.  A little psychedelic trip is always fun. Even if it’s a bad one.


GALANTIS – “SMILE” (via Curator, Duffster)

So the song may not be stellar, but the video sure is nice to look at. God knows I like me a bit of sexy time. So if you’ve got someone to do all that sort of stuff to, I suggest you get to it as soon as you’re finished reading this playlist. If you’re 100% lonely and sad, then you better watch this video a few more times. You’ll still be lonely but maybe you won’t be as horny.


SZA – “ICE MOON” (via Curator, Duffster)

SZA rocks! Hard. Well, maybe the correct verb is that she floats. On a cloud of magic and soulful sounds. This video is a perfect representation of her music, and when that happens, which it rarely does, it’s hard to not fall in love.


So now that we’ve spoilt your mind and blessed your heart with all kinds of weird sh*t, it’s time to go forth and unleash this ridiculousness on everyone you know. And remember, I’m watching you. I’m always watching you!  Kisses.