I gotta admit something here; I’ve been hella in my feelings as of late. Should I blame it all on Valentine’s Day last week? Or maybe I should blame the fact that my Valentine bought me chocolates but proceeded to say it was “friend candy.” Yeah, guys. Ouch.

But I can’t deny that I’ve been in the mood for a good cry, and this next track brings out the ugly cry better than Kim Kardashian. Welcome to the Outside, as they’d say. Here is “Habits,” and the equally depressing video by outsideOUTSIDE.



Think of your three gut-wrenching breakups, pack it in a song, and you’ll see why “Habits” is going to keep you in your room alone on a Saturday night with a box of tissues. The lyrics revolve around regrets in love, breaking up, mourning the loss of someone you thought was the one… You know! Cheerful stuff!

Male vocals are juxtaposed with sweet female ones when they meet at the chorus, and it’s a unique-sounding dynamic that isn’t really heard of right now, even in alternative landscapes. It’s morose, but beautiful, and the video follows the sad tale through a black hole in Vegas that looks like it ends in…. Well, overdose.

Despite its bleakness, however, “Habits” is a brutally sentimental song that aims right for your stomach. The feeeeeels, guys. Can one of you just hold me?

“Habits” is outsideOUTSIDE’s debut single, so stay tuned. This power couple is coming through.