Best New Artists

PHARAOH to Russia is like what Future is to America. Or what Drake is to Canada. Or what Ninja of Die Antwoord is to South Africa (not so sure about that one). The can’t miss, redefining a genre with every new track kind of hotness.
Mr. Kitty’s positivity pop goth is so throwback, it’s futurist... with chiptune trance melding with casio-tone riffs that feel so of the past that they’re more or less timeless.
Square One is a subtle R&B groover with a message we can all relate to. Seriously, every single lyric is like a direct line into the universal subconscious. Kena’s voice, the real star here, stands out over a smoky, minimal beat that serves its purpose and totally gets out of the way.
Harrison Brome is your new soul-slanging bae. Simple as that. Go ahead, listen to three amazing tracks and judge for yourself, but we both already know that Harrison Brome is about to be your new favorite artist. It’s inevitable.
It might seem like a song of the week would be a quick, dashed-off affair. Maine singer/songwriter Max Garcia Conover disproves that notion with Streetlights, a gorgeous slice of folkish Indie Pop. Streetlights was written over the span of several months, just getting off of a fall tour.
Rei Brown, formally known as Ray Baboon (I commend the name change), is 100% our favorite new artist we’ve heard all week. These hazy vocals and mellow beats are just the cure for our can’t-find-any-good-tunes-blues.
Enigmatic producer Izniik is a Postmodern Pop Star for the end times. Izniik play a sampledelic collage-heavy aesthetic similar to The Avalanches or the cut chemistry of DJ Shadow.
The music scene in the Nordic and Scandinavia seems to be boiling over like a Icelandic volcano. Returning once again to the electronic hotbed of Sweden, Raindear is a New Artist find by Daniel Ragnar.
Lilly Ahlberg is only a Best New Artist if you aren’t deeply ingrained in YouTube culture. The Swedish singer/songwriter/pop sensation has been recording guitar and piano covers on her channel since September 2011.
Playing up to his mixed heritage of Japanese and Mexican roots, Chicago-based hip-hop artist Towkio can spit rhymes with the best of them. Ready to trend upward, Towkio is really a rapper to look at. Don't be surprised if you hear more about this artist in the near future.
Discovered by We Are The Guard curator Musical Heartbeat, this newest entry into the musical lexicon features the Zoe Nash and the introduction into her world of Rather Die.