Best New Artists

There are a million ways to try and describe 100 gecs, but none of them are going to do it justice. If Skrillex had been in a ska band instead of an emocore one? Hello Kitty meets Death Grips. Sophie and Sleigh Bells walk into a bar… I guess the only (...)
If you tried making a list of all the things you’d like to say to that one person who absolutely irritates you, it might look something like “Captions” by Wolf (but significantly less witty and eloquent). New York native Wolf doesn’t (...)
From his impressive production credits with artists including Lil Dicky, Cousin Stizz and J.I.D, to his 2016 “Good Goes Around” Cheerios anthem, chances are you've heard some of Latrell James’ work. A Boston native known for his relatable (...)
Isn't it possible to have smart, socially-aware music that still bangs and grooves? Kayo Genesis is here to tell you that it is, in fact, possible. The Palmdale, CA artist has been steadily rolling out singles with a social conscience but also a personal voice and perspective.
Watch out Frank Ocean, Dijon coming for your steez. The world has a new visionary alternative R&B artist with stripped-bare mellow vibes that can rip your heart out and stomp all over it, without even breaking a sweat.
What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Juice WRLD? Is it a 19 year old SoundCloud rapper who just signed a 3 Million dollar deal with Interscope Records? Regardless of what he calls himself, Jarad Higgins is an immense talent.
Boy Harsher are an exercise in contradictions. You wouldn't expect a band that came to prominence with a record called Country Girl to sound like an early 80s goth New Wave outfit.
PHARAOH to Russia is like what Future is to America. Or what Drake is to Canada. Or what Ninja of Die Antwoord is to South Africa (not so sure about that one). The can’t miss, redefining a genre with every new track kind of hotness.
Mr. Kitty’s positivity pop goth is so throwback, it’s futurist... with chiptune trance melding with casio-tone riffs that feel so of the past that they’re more or less timeless.
Square One is a subtle R&B groover with a message we can all relate to. Seriously, every single lyric is like a direct line into the universal subconscious. Kena’s voice, the real star here, stands out over a smoky, minimal beat that serves its purpose and totally gets out of the way.
Harrison Brome is your new soul-slanging bae. Simple as that. Go ahead, listen to three amazing tracks and judge for yourself, but we both already know that Harrison Brome is about to be your new favorite artist. It’s inevitable.