Best New Artists

Lakeland, FL’s Bela Pierce gets personal with her pop-infused, electronic singer/songwriter ballads, like shadows melting into the sunlight.
We’ve recently been hooked on a new elusive sound so fresh that it has yet to be categorized. In order to properly represent their style, MXMS created the sub-genre Funeral Pop, and you will certainly be hooked or perhaps even obsessed.
Kayex is an Australian electronic-dance duo featuring the talents of Tom Derickx and Palassi Kailis. Currently based in Sydney, not much is known about the Perth natives other than the fact they just started making music in 2016.
At only 19 years old, Cambridge, England’s Tyne is wise beyond her years, when it comes to crafting infectious, hooky Indie Pop.
RABBII (or Revolutions Are Best Before Initial Inception) are tearing up the Stockholm dark-dance-synth -indie-pop scene so We Are: The Guard think it’s damn well time to bring them over to America.
Anyone with the description Electro-Hop in their Soundcloud profile is more than alright with us here at We Are The Guard. In a world full of hip-hop/electronic mash-ups, Sidizen King easily pushes out above the pack.
Not much is known, so far, about the enigmatic Swedish Snow Culture, featuring two artists known solely as “A” and “O”. Snow Culture have already been featured in Interview Magazine, who debuted the video for their breakout single, No Sleep.
Various styles, threads, and associations come together under the umbrella drink of Bokito’s Tropical Indie - a mash-up of dancehall, indie rock, soca, funk. Their debut single, Better At Getting Worse, is a fine example of the disparate elements working together seamlessly.
Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Visualist, Storyteller, Experimental Music Video Maker: SIBA is the whole package. This is the most bubble-gum, vitriol-spitting, bleep-bloop dance music We Are The Guard have come across since chip-tune was first invented.
If Brooklyn based ambient drone-pop band Cigarettes After Sex aren’t the next big indie darling then I’ll eat my hat. With a full length LP on the way and a recent hike of millions of listeners on YouTube, the quartet stands more than a reasonable chance of being the next Beach House or XX.
No joke, Au/Ra is like the second coming of Lorde. Right down to the minimal production, vocal stylings and lyrical content. Though it may sound like we’re being facetious, We Are The Guard mean this purely as a compliment.
There’s nothing we love more than to bring you the hottest new indie - pop - female vocalists out there today. Rotana is the newest in a long line of badass beautiful woman kicking ass and take names — if taking names actually means writing awesome songs that you can’t get out of your head even if you wanted to.