Best New Artists

London/Toronto-based producer Goldwater has a knack for creating some seriously out of this world beats that add a cool new touch to the future bass genre.
We know that UK-native Aiden Grimshaw isn’t exactly a new artist, but we are still super excited about his promising new sound on his latest tracks, Animal and Giving It Up.
Dagny Sandvik is a self-described songbird from the north of Norway and she’s quickly gaining a following with her feel-good debut single, Backbeat.
If you’re a fan of light and airy indie pop like Belle and Sebastian, then read on to discover one of our favorite new bands, Islandis.
Southern California-based new artist Michl has only been making music since earlier this year, but his debut track, Kill Our Way To Heaven, has us eager for what he'll bring us in 2016.
18-year-old new artist Devin Murphy, aka Dev09, is gaining some well-deserved praise with her unique and stripped down alternative pop sound.
If you’re a fan of electrifying pop artists like Ellie Goulding or BANKS, you do not want to miss out on the catchy pop music of 24-year-old singer-songwriter Lena.
For fans of artists like Beck or Tame Impala, or if you simply need some new music that totally stands out, read on to discover one of our favorite new artists, André Øy.