Best New Artists

KO KO is a Southern Californian band who seem to be hitting the blogosphere pretty hard lately. This is thanks in part to their song, 'Float,' a song that sends me endorp
Jinja Safari came together in 2010 after they met at a beach party in Sydney Australia. Click to hear the latest new music from The Guard!
A-1 is a 24 year old San Francisco native, and the freshest thing I've heard come out of the Bay since 2006. Check him out his best songs here and Listen to Free Music
In Germany Germany's music you can clearly hear the influence of The Postal Service, but he takes this influence and uses it to form his own type of style. This style can
Cheasleauen is The Guard's latest music discovery One day, Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks will make sweet, sexual, violent love to one another..their love child will be Cheasleauen. Check her out here!
Say hello to Twinsy, a self-stamped "D-list supergroup" compromising of Guy Chappell (Yacht Club DJs), Michael Belsar (Hunting Ground) and Ajax (Under Your Sink / Bang Ga
Post-dubstep is so 2011... The Guard want post-post-dubstep, and we want it now. So shout out to Krewella for stepping up to the game. Think big-ass aggressive bass drops that you need to check here!
Whether you know Frankie Rose from her former bands, Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls or even her first solo with The Outs, one thing is clear: the Brooklyn-based garage/noise pop songstress keeps pushing forward.
Mash up artists are unlike oil, housing, jobs. There isn't exactly a shortage of them. So when you do hit on a hot new mash up artist, it is a somewhat holy moment. Enter Super Mash Bros.
High Society Collective are an amalgamation of urban talents: J.R., Sho Baraka, Suzy Rock and Swoope from Atlanta. Check out the new sounds here at The Guard.
Oberhofer just last week released their first professionally recorded LP, Time Capsules II, and most of the songs on that album are reworked versions of songs from o0Oo0Oo.