Best New Artists

The brain child of college junior and front man Ryan Trauley is Oulipo. Think Animal Collective meets Vampire Weekend. Check them out free here!
The Guard's new Curator, Allan S brings you his latest find Ghost Outfit from Manchester. They're great...doubt us? Check out their song "Tuesday" here.
Like a mutant with the ability to blow up cars with its mind, Allen Stone has the tough task of controlling the gift he has been given. His talent, however, is an impressive vocal range with more power than a '88 DeLorean. The man from Chewelah, WA brings a soulful sound desperately needed in this era.
"They say nice guys finish last, well thank God I'm a douchebag." Say fucking hello to Skizzy Mars - a douchebag dorm room rapper who is, FYI, currently busy shooting for the celestial heights of his astronomical moniker.
Under the incredibly difficult to Google moniker Bahamas, Toronto-based badass Afie Jurvanen crafts effortlessly charming folk songs that can appeal to both hipsters and really anyone else with a pulse. Bahamas second LP, Barchords, comes out February 7th on Brushfire Records.
Latest new music: Knife Party, the Australian duo made up of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen (of Pendulum) will be dominating global airwaves this year with their recent EP titled 100% No Modern Voice.
Latest New Music: Northern Ireland's And So I Watch You From Afar (or ASIWYFA) might instead be from another planet where money has been replaced by headbangs and handshakes have turned into guitar riffs.
When we say that we deliver the latest new music, we mean it, and with fewer than 1,000 Facebook likes and a new EP on the way, we may have just struck musical gold with The Devious Means.
New Finds: Cookies are a budding New York trio who "specialize in popular music." Check out two of The Guard's favorite cuts - "1,000 Breakfasts With You," which builds a compelling soundscape from unembellished clicks 'n' pops and freaky riffs, and "Throw A Parade," chipper boy-girl pop at its most dandy - below.
Latest New Music: Crim3s are an electronica duo hailing from London. Comprising of Sloww Ddeath and Sadie Phelps, this darkly-lit duo incorporate elements of dubstep, trip hop and trance into their occultist opiate EDM beats.
You probably haven't realized it yet, but today's Latest New Music find, Clams Casino, has already shacked up in your ear canals. Known as the producer behind A$AP Rocky...check out his latest here.