Best New Artists

Dia, of indie-pop sister duo Meg & Dia, has teamed up with renowned producer Joseph Trapanese, and together they’ve been creating epic and cinematic pop songs that are captivating anyone who listens.
Rapper/producer Young Lungs blends beautifully spacey electronics with hip hop-beats, while his laid-back vocal delivery makes for a totally fresh and intoxicating sound we can’t get enough of.
New Los Angeles-based songstress RYDER is bound to be the next indie-pop sensation as she’s already creating major buzz with her two tracks, Ruins and Pretty Little Gangster.
Brazilian new artist EMMANUELLE is the latest addition to the DEEWEE label which was founded by Soulwax, and her debut single “Free HiFi Internet” totally has us hooked.
Manchester-based new artist ZARA KERSHAW is making some self-described dysfunctional pop music that makes her stand-out from the trendy electropop crowd.
Brisbane, Australia-based new artist GLYPHS has won us over with his hazy instrumentals and hip-hop influenced beats that make for a unique tropical sound that’s perfect for your next chill out playlist.
Emerging artist Seramic quickly grabbed our attention with their soothing electro-soul debut, People Say. It’s a gloomy, emotional, and totally captivating whirlwind of gospel-style vocals and sweeping electronics.
Adam Alexander aka DEMO TAPED is a young Atlanta-based singer/producer who grabbed our attention with his hazy synths, unique percussion, and uplifting R&B-inspired melodies.
New artist John Dunk is the mastermind behind the ambient dark pop band, JUNK SON, and we here at The Guard are totally obsessed with their debut EP, Eyes Shut.
Ontario native ERIC BRANDON is a 23-year old singer-song writer who's hitting everyone right in the feels with his heartfelt acoustic guitar-driven ballads that give his indie-folk sound a super soulful edge.
Up and coming singer-songwriter Peter Wise quickly grabbed our attention with his infectious alt-pop sound that we can’t wait to present to you.
Netherlands-based duo Klyne has us smitten with their retro-influenced synths, moody electronics, and infectious melodies that are totally going to make them stand out this year.