Best New Artists

Adam Alexander aka DEMO TAPED is a young Atlanta-based singer/producer who grabbed our attention with his hazy synths, unique percussion, and uplifting R&B-inspired melodies.
New artist John Dunk is the mastermind behind the ambient dark pop band, JUNK SON, and we here at The Guard are totally obsessed with their debut EP, Eyes Shut.
Ontario native ERIC BRANDON is a 23-year old singer-song writer who's hitting everyone right in the feels with his heartfelt acoustic guitar-driven ballads that give his indie-folk sound a super soulful edge.
Up and coming singer-songwriter Peter Wise quickly grabbed our attention with his infectious alt-pop sound that we can’t wait to present to you.
Netherlands-based duo Klyne has us smitten with their retro-influenced synths, moody electronics, and infectious melodies that are totally going to make them stand out this year.
Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Paris Carney is making a name for herself with her irresistible dark-pop production, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious vocals.
From the Balearic Island of Mallorca, new artist KAASI combines the sounds and ideas of deep house with a little bIt of the future bass movement. Though it's categorized as deep house, it's like nothing you've heard before.
Reminiscent of the Indie-Dance sensibilities of RAC or the Knocks, incorporating vocals and songwriting just as much as flashy production, Basic Tape shoots up to the top of the pack with only a handful of songs.
With comparisons already being made to both Hozier and The National, new artist George Crosby has clearly got the world at his fingertips.
New York’s new artist, TOTEM, is quickly making a name for himself with his emotionally charged alternative pop-ballads and captivating R&B-laced vocals.
Jerusalem-based new artist SwuM quickly grabbed our attention with his innovative beats and lo-fi production that’s putting a unique spin on his hip-hop influenced and ambient instrumentals.
If you’re looking for some blissful new sounds that you can include on your next cool down playlist, then read on to discover the awesome new music of ARIZONA.
Once you hear what Los Angeles-based new artist ELOHIM has to offer, you won’t be surprised to discover that we here at The Guard are totally in love with her hazy indie pop sound.